5 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Printer

15 February, 2023

Ah, printers. They’re the unsung heroes of busy offices that are often taken for granted. But did you know that having the right equipment can actually do wonders when it comes to boosting productivity in the workplace? That’s right! Modern printers are often designed with many features that can manage your information more effectively, lower […]

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What Does a Mail Machine Do?

18 January, 2023

In the digital age, sending and receiving direct mail seems outdated. However, traditional mail remains an essential part of business communication. Businesses still send out hundreds, even thousands of letters each month. If your company sends mail in bulk, this process can take up a significant amount of your resources. Processing mail manually is both […]

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Top Industries that Still Require Print Services

7 December, 2022

With the sudden rise in technological advancements also came the digitization of documents. It’s a known fact that people see sharing files via cloud storage as an easier and more convenient way to store documents. It also makes company databases much more accessible.  However, print services are still important and many industries still need them […]

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The Importance of a Hybrid Approach to Printing

3 November, 2022

The term “hybrid” has been used to refer to many things in our daily lives. From hybrid cars to hybrid work arrangements, there’s barely anything that isn’t hybrid anymore. And the same applies to printers. Hybrid printing systems ensure that your customers get print jobs of unparalleled quality. As the name suggests, hybrid printing systems […]

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Why Advanced Print Solutions Are Essential for Remote Work Environments

4 October, 2022

Remote work—and remote printing—are here to stay. That’s what the numbers are showing. As of late 2022, the majority of Canadian office workers prefering remote work this year. Studies indicate that as many as 74% of entrepreneurs plan to keep offering employees the option to work from home.  Because of this, businesses need printing solutions […]

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How to Dispose Of An Old Printer Safely

22 September, 2022

So you’ve just purchased a brand new multi-function printer. What are you supposed to do with the old one that has reached the end of its lifespan? Right off the bat, businesses should know they can’t just throw their old printers out. Improperly disposing of an old printer can result in serious legal repercussions.  Certain […]

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Top Industries That Use Print and Need Regular Upgrades

8 September, 2022

Imagine any corporate or office environment. There are lots of people bustling around, filing papers, printing memos, etc. Now imagine that same environment without any of today’s technology. The workflow would drop to a crawl. The office would be incredibly unproductive as everything would have to be done manually. Sometimes even a single broken machine […]

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Thermal Transfer vs. Direct Thermal: 5 Key Considerations

25 August, 2022

Direct thermal and thermal transfer are two different printing methods for producing high-quality labels and other media. Both methods are excellent for printing things such as barcodes, text, and images. But picking the best one for you will be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the differences between the two types.  Thankfully, you’re in the right […]

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How to Increase Office Efficiency With a Mailing Machine

11 August, 2022

Upgrading your business’s work environment is a continuous process. There will always be new ways to reach an elevated level of being organized, productive, and efficient in the office.  One of the many ways to attain this is by incorporating a mailing machine.  But what is a mailing machine exactly, and what are its benefits? […]

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