About Us

Through hard work and commitment to customer service, we grew, adding customers, administration, salespeople, service technicians, and IT professionals.

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Our Mission

Our industry is exciting and vibrant, and continues to transform itself daily. We constantly strive to exceed our customer’s expectations, as we deliver the most up to date solutions to make their daily business routines easier and more productive.

Valued Partnerships

By pushing and encouraging each other we always stay motivated, fired up and excited to serve our customers! The unimaginable possibilities the future of our industry holds is thrilling and we cannot wait to see what happens next…

In 2005, Business Systems started with one salesperson, one service technician and a handful of loyal customers. Our business continues to evolve; growing and changing as the landscape of technology changes.

The Team

We have grown into an eclectic group of energetic individuals. The key to our success is our infectious energy and attitude, with which we are able to handle any current or potential clients.

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Busys Mitch Tournament

We are delighted to announce this is our 5th year of the tournament and with your support, we continue to make a difference in the lives of children with Autism attending Parkholme School – Mitch’s alma mater. As of last year we have contributed over $110,000 to Parkholme, our goal is $1,000,000. Business Systems covers the entire cost of the tournament so that 100% of the proceeds, without any deduction, can go to Parkholme School. Today Autism affects 1 in 45 children and although there is no cure, many children benefit from intense intervention therapies and the use of technological devices such as smart boards and tablets. The first year of our tournament, we noticed there were one or two devices per classroom at Parkholm. Today, thanks to your generous support, most children have a device of their own.

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