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Construction companies are the backbone of society, building everything from houses to schools to commercial infrastructures. Construction printing encompasses everything from blueprints to contractual agreements, meaning high-speed and efficient printers are non-negotiable in this dynamic industry.

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Cost-effective and fully-controlled printing solutions to help you stay within budgets.

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Our trusted printers, scanners, and mailing machines offer seamless and swift operations.

Printer & Copier Solutions for Construction Prints supports businesses in the construction industry by offering over 100 types of printers and copiers that consistently produce high-quality construction plans, aerial maps, landscape designs, and more. Our printing services always have you covered! 

Multifunctional Printers -

Multifunction Printers & Copiers

Companies in the construction industry rely on efficient printing systems to circulate architectural plans and blueprints to various departments. supports this need with its extensive list of multifunction printers and copiers.

Every successful business has a fleet of excellent printers; our products are the best in producing coloured as well as black and white materials. These multifunction printers also support serverless printing, streamlining your company’s construction plan printing by allowing you to upload files to the cloud and print wherever.

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Mailing Machines -

Mailing Machines

Not everything should be sent digitally. Many construction clients prefer viewing architectural plans and designs in person for a more hands-on look, meaning mailing machines remain necessary among contractors, architects, and engineers! 

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Production Printers -

Production Printers

Blueprints, floor plans, and posters—these large-format prints are among the most common materials construction companies use. It’s why most firms require in-house production to maximize resources, ensure accessibility, and maintain uniform quality. 

Our production printers are designed to handle large-format construction printing, giving you architectural diagrams with sharp details and full colour. Presenting these to your clients will impress and persuade them to invest in your services!

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As with many other industries, construction businesses would be wise to have a tried-and-true office printer on their premises. You never know when you’ll need to print a contract or agreement to be signed in standard sizes. 

Our office printers have many benefits: fast print time, sharp detail, and colour functionality to ensure they always fulfill your needs. Construction printing is multidimensional, and office printers are undoubtedly part of the equation. 

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Working With Brands You Can Trust

Construction plan printing isn’t only about putting detailed drawings on paper; these prints are essential for moving projects forward. Accurate and detailed blueprints are often the basis upon which permits and permissions are granted. 

Construction prints provide a sense of security by providing a clear and concise plan for a project. Clients use these in visualizing, planning, and adjusting tasks, forming cost-effective solutions without compromising the required materials, technology, and staffing. Investing in construction printing solutions that match your needs is a smart move.

From idea to execution, our branded products will elevate your production tenfold. Konica Minolta, Toshiba, and Canon are among the reputable brands we proudly sell and lease on our site. Their true-to-life scanning and fast image processing will exceed your expectations. And the flexibility to rent these high-end printing systems gives you room to move from one project to another site without having to worry about moving office supplies.

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Printers for Construction Plans and Blueprints

The lifespan of construction prints is long—quality matters. 

Developers pitch their ideas, which are then brought to life by architects on printed blueprints and designs. Using these, engineers begin to decide what materials are best to support the construction of a building or structure that will last. 

Construction printing is at the heart of all projects. Printed materials like design plans, materials consolidation, and financial reports are essential in raising structures. They’re just as essential to the foundation of a project as the materials themselves. 

Let reinforce your print infrastructure with customizable print solutions. We’ll support your construction plan printing needs with our products and services, ensuring the success of all your projects today and tomorrow!

Leaders in Serving Print Solutions for Construction Companies

Construction printing doesn’t have to be complicated. simplifies processes with customizable solutions so you can produce materials fast without sacrificing quality. As Canada’s leading print solutions provider, our expert team sources all printers and copiers from renowned brands known for their unparalleled technology and features for construction prints. 

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