Software Solutions by Integr8

In collaboration with our sister company, Integr8, Busys offers an extensive range of useful and efficient software solutions for your printing setup. Managing a printing setup doesn’t just stop at buying a multifunction or production printer. A printer must integrate naturally with the digital document setup your company has.

Software Solutions

From our catalogue of excellent managed print solutions, you will be able to find services that suit a variety of your digital queries and needs. Cut your company’s printing costs, cut down on IT headaches, and boost productivity with a few simple solutions. Our managed software solutions reduce office stress while boosting your company’s efficiency and productivity by tenfold.

Managed Print Services

Managed print services are a means for workplaces to improve their printing setup, become more efficient as a business & save money in the long run. Utilizing a company like Integr8 to iterate upon your current document management system has the potential to improve a company’s workflow to far reaching extents. 

By relying on external software solutions to manage your business’ needs, service providers can add that much needed focus to detail, which can effectively identify any problem areas as fast as possible. Consequently, this drastically reduces your internal workload and increases productivity in the workplace.

In general, you’ll need managed print services in order to save time, improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary costs, increase productivity, upgrade information security, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Cloud Printing Management

Cloud printing management is a highly sophisticated and high-tech element of managed print services. With cloud printing management, you can revolutionize the way that printing tasks are handled in your workplace. It enhances the functions of your printers, such as by allowing employees to utilize their own devices to access the printers in your office. Generally, this service aids in interlinking and streamlining all devices in line with printing. 

Moreover, cloud printing management takes care of the overall factor of printing management. It strays from the traditional ways that require people to struggle with on-premise infrastructure or faulty machines. The cloud takes over to make things more efficient and accessible. 

Cloud Printing Management

Busys and Integr8 proudly offer top notch cloud printing management solutions to companies of a myriad of industries.

Integr8 Cloud Printing Management

Digital Document Management

In the office, we all have known the struggle of dealing with countless files stuffed into tall and dull filing cabinets. They may be neatly organized in alphabetical order, but rummaging through them is all too time-consuming. Most companies have addressed this issue by utilizing digital document management solutions.

Digital document management easily pushes past the disarray in order to provide you with clutter-free files of all your essential documents. It tracks, stores, and manages your documents on a digital platform based on your specific needs. Integr8 and Busys offer leading digital document management solutions, which help increase the efficiency of your company by cutting down the time it takes to organize, locate, and store documents. 

Integr8 Digital Document Management

FollowMe Printing

If your office frequently prints large amounts of coloured and lengthy documents across multiple printers around the office, you’ll definitely need FollowMe Printing. 

With pull printing, each printing task is sent to a pull printing server. After that, the server selects which machine is most suitable for the print job. By doing this, it ensures that the tasks are distributed efficiently. This method gives businesses the opportunity to process high volumes of print jobs at top speed, while significantly reducing printer waste & the IT headaches that come with managing mass printing operations.

Aside from the benefits it provides for your office, FollowMe Printing improves user experience and reduces your organization’s carbon footprint. 

FollowMe Printing

Performance-Enhancing Document Solutions

Remember the days in the office when you had to arrange thousands of office documents in a room filled with filing cabinets? This used to be the only and most conventional way to store your files by hand, and honestly it was both stressful for your employees and harmful to the environment. 

Performance-Enhancing Document Solutions

Thanks to the internet being a part of our daily lives, the world has gone digital in almost every possible way. Integr8 and Busys offer sophisticated document solutions that upload, organize, and store all your business documents in a logical structure that’s easy to access and use. Any authorized user from anywhere in the world can access the files they need with just a few clicks. With the wonderfully efficient power of the cloud, all your company’s files will be both safe and sound and accessible to authorized users. At Integr8 and Busys, we ensure both security and interconnectivity. 

Integr8 Performance Enhancing Document Solutions

Print Security Audit Services

Employing Integr8’s and Busys’ software solutions means signing up for effective print security as well. Protect your business from potential cyber attacks by upgrading your print security and optimizing your paper management. Additionally, you can instantly lower expenditures and step up your eco-friendliness. We offer the most comprehensive print security audit services in Canada and the United States. 

Integr8 Print Security Audit Service

Print Vendor Consolidation

With Integr8’s print vendor consolidation, businesses have the ability to manage all their printing needs from a single vendor. In turn, this efficiently streamlines your company’s budget, maintenance, and flow. When you’re required to interact with only one supplier, you save both time and money. 

Integr8 Print Vendor Consolidation

Software Solutions with Integr8

Bring your A-game in the office with the most exceptional software solutions with Integr8 and Busys. We serve businesses across North America, including major Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa & CalgaryContact us today to learn how we can integrate with your current printing setup to save you time & money!


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