Toshiba E-STUDIO 2508A

This first-rate Toshiba printer is superior in every way possible. Engineered to be both user and environment-friendly, this office device truly packs a punch. The E-Studio 2508A harnesses the power of a 9-inch tablet-style touch screen and advanced e-BRIDGE Next technology to take your print jobs to the future.

Looking for the best printer that suits your office needs? Can’t keep up with the demands of clients and projects due to long printer queues? What you need is a reliable printer, and that printer is the Toshiba E-STUDIO 2508A that can pack a punch and provides the best services needed in the office. Toshiba’s award-winning line of revolutionary MFPs (Multifunctional Printers) is definitely worth trying, and the Toshiba printer lease in Toronto city is a good place to start if you don’t have enough funds to buy for your own office yet.

Curious about Toshiba E-STUDIO 2508A and its nifty features? Keep reading and see what’s in store for this amazing product:


  • Reliable and Efficient: This amazing MFP can handle various printing tasks, taking in a whopping 20 to 30 PPM (Print Per Minute) for rushed reports and data, as well as any print you need (black and white to coloured ones). It only takes 20 seconds of warm-up time before it starts printing – ideal if you’re crunched for time. Its Dual-Scan Document Feeder feature makes it possible for it to handle 300 originals and 240 IPM (Images Per Minute). This is ideal for small offices like yours, go for the Toshiba printer lease Toronto area if you’re still unsure about this printer and give it a try.
  • Fast: You’re aware that there’s a meeting in a few minutes, and there are last-minute edits that you need to do. Fortunately, this printer’s first copy out time is 4.3 seconds, faster than your usual home printer, and doesn’t hold up printing jobs. You can queue as much as you can and need, with its print around feature: it eliminates printing bottlenecks by prioritizing the other print jobs and leaves the special job later when there’s an available paper required for that print. Getting this handy MFP will avoid any lag times – get this through a convenient Toshiba printer lease Toronto area to start printing documents now!
  • Cost-Effective: Are you always using staples and folders in organizing your documents? Save up on this and go for the amazing Toshiba E-STUDIO 2508A for saddle-stitch finishing and nifty folding that doesn’t require stapling. This will eliminate unnecessary plastic waste and save you a couple of bucks. Save up on maintenance too as it has a Service Module Design that makes upkeep and repair easier and efficient. The Context-Sensitive Help Button also helps you instant and thorough information as well when you need help in using the MFP. Get a smart printer like this through the Toshiba printer lease Toronto city for a more fluid workflow and better savings.
  • Smart Design And Features: Using the computer to print is getting old – this MFP lets you print documents directly from a USB drive, and scan documents from printer to USB drive. Do you keep forgetting to refill? There is a special feature that notifies you whenever you need to change the ink, refill the papers, or maintain it on time. The Advanced e-BRIDGE Next Technology activates the MFP’s internally developed solutions and also third-party ones. There is also a panel that indicates paper volume indicators to show the sizes of paper, types, and levels in different cassettes. Get an MFP that suits your needs, and consider a Toshiba printer lease Toronto area.
  • Secured For Important Documents: If there are sensitive documents you need to print or scan, this MFP has 320 GB of SED (Self-Encrypting Drive) as well as ADI (Automatic Drive Invalidation). This also has a data overwrite and provides top security for important documents. FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 140-2 Validated SED actually meets and even exceeds the government required standards. IPsec (IP Security) encrypts information sent to and from this MFP. Invest in this printer through the Toshiba printer lease Toronto city.
  • Eco-Friendly: Toshiba pledges to make the world a better place – they have RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance and ensures they use recycled plastics. It also Low-Power Super Sleep Mode to conserve energy when not used, EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Gold Registered as well to give options to environmentally conscious consumers. This is the perfect choice if you struggle with electric bills in the office, get it through Toshiba printer lease Toronto city.

Toshiba printer lease Toronto

Stunned by its highlights and prepared to get your hands on Toshiba E-STUDIO 2508A? has this particular model and is prepared to rent it for your ordinary printing. We are known for our diverse customer base, a wide array of Toshiba printer options for each business, 35 years of administration added to our repertoire. Our principal objective is to offer quality types of assistance and an extraordinary choice of items for renting and office needs.

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Printer Specifications

Engine Mfr/Model: Toshiba/e-STUDIO3508A
Compatibility: PC, Mac
Speed: 35 ppm
Enhanced Resolution: 3600 x 1200 dpi
Unenhanced Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
Std/Max Printer Memory: Shared
Controller Mfr/Model: Toshiba/e-BRIDGE Next
Processor/MHz: Intel Atom Dual Core/1.33 GHz
PDL/PCL: PCL 5e/c/6, PostScript 3, XPS

General Specifications

First Copy Time: 3.6 sec
Multicopy (Ltr/Ldgr): 35/25 cpm
Warm-up Time: 20 sec
Std Paper Source(s): Dual drawer
Std Paper Capacity: 550/550 sheets
Paper Weights: 16-lb bond to 140-lb index
Bypass/Paper Weights: 100-sheet/14-lb bond to 140-lb index
Max Paper Sources/Cap: 5/3,200 sheets
Max Original Size: 11 x 17
Min/Max Output Size: 3.9 x 5.8/11 x 17
Copy Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
Std/Max System Memory: 4-GB RAM, 320-GB HD/4-GB RAM, 320-GB HD
Duplex: Auto (1:2,2:2,2:1)
Capacity/Paper Sizes: Unlimited/5.8 x 8.3 to 11 x 17
Document Feeder: Opt RADF and DSPF
Capacity: 100 orig, 300 orig
Paper Weights: 9.3 to 41.8 lbs, 9.3 to 110 lbs


Overal Information:

All our products undergo important quality controls during their manufacturing process: solidity & drop tests and water- and dustproofness tests in order to guarantee the highest customer satisfaction. We guarantee to cover the buyer against any possible defects in materials and / or assembling, subject to normal conditions of use. All MTT Mobiles mobile phones and smartphones are covered by a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. All our accessories have a legal warranty of 6 months. Business Systems is committed to offering its clients high-quality products from trusted brands. All machines, sold or leased, are eligible for an optional, extended service contract. This contract is based on a cost per copy and includes maintenance to the machine and its parts, labor, retrofits, and toner- just add paper.

Purchace Details:

We strongly recommend you to keep your proof of purchase or invoice in case you want to file a claim related to your product. Please note that it is possible to extend the service of your manufacturer’s warranty with our Premium Service.

Payment Information

Overal Information:

You will then be redirected to the secure platform of our partner bank Crédit Mutuel CIC which will enable you to proceed with the payment in total security. Crédit Mutuel CIC guarantees the confidentiality and security of your data.

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