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Konica Minolta BIZHUB C227

  • The bizhub C227 multifunction colour printers from Konica Minolta has a print/copy output of up to 22 ppm to help keep pace with growing workloads
  • Features a multi-touch interface for intuitive control — with LEDs that allow visual confirmation from a distance, plus optional voice guidance system to provide audible control instructions
  • Our award-winning interface now has a mobile touch area to support NFC
  • Enhance your productivity with control-panel access to downloadable apps from the bizhub MarketPlace
  • An optional 10-key pad provides hard keys to make numerical entry quick and sure
  • Built-in print control with universal printer driver for productivity right out of the box

Working in an office setting puts you at the center of an ever-changing world that relies on technology to continue running while evolving as needed. When developments in the workplace come to mind, we often think of improvement in the office culture, incentives, and workload distribution. Aside from these vital factors, it is important to take the office equipment into account. If you utilize high-quality computers, printers, copiers, scanners, and other types of office equipment, you will be boosting the productivity of your staff, while providing higher levels of convenience and efficiency.

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Konica Minolta has gained wide popularity and acclaim for its top of the line and innovative multifunction printers. The BIZHUB C227, in particular, is a multifunction printer that definitely belongs in every workspace. With its excellent quality and sleek design, BIZHUB C227 is bound to give your office and employees the upgrade they deserve.

Read on to discover more about the Konica Minolta BIZHUB C227’s amazing features, and why it should be a staple in your workplace.


  • Fast and Efficient Printing: The BIZHUB C227 is a multifunction colour printer from Konica Minolta’s impressive line of office equipment. It has been designed to render 22 prints or copies per minute. With this outstanding speed, you can increase productivity while saving time. Moreover, you won’t ever have to worry about standing idly by as the printer wheezes to life, as this one only needs a mere 20 seconds to warm up before it’s ready to go. You can now take advantage of extreme convenience and take on those workloads head on!
  • Excellent Print Quality: When it comes to printing and copying documents, clarity is a top priority. With the Konica Minolta BIZHUB C227, you can enjoy high-resolution prints with stunning high volume colour. Make the most of this multifunction printer’s enhanced resolution of 1800 x 600 dpi, and unencumbered resolution of 600 x 600. BIZHUB C227 is all about crisp and clear image standards.
  • Smart Design: The days of having to deal with a collection of buttons now a thing of the past. With BIZHUB C227 you can have easy-to-use access to all its functions, thanks to its revolutionary multi-touch interface for intuitive control. The LEDs provide visual confirmation from a distance, plus an optional voice guidance system that yields audible control instructions. Our award-winning interface now has a mobile touch area to support NFC.
  • Proving to be optimally versatile, BIZHUB C227 has been engineered with an optional 10-key pad that serves as a quick and accurate way to input numerical values. Konica Minolta’s C227 is the epitome of elite technology combined with paramount convenience.
  • Downloadable Apps: Keep the productivity flowing while you upgrade with downloadable applications from Konica Minolta’s BIZHUB MarketPlace.
  • Large Paper Capacity: BIZHUB C227 has a dual drawer paper capacity of 500/500 and a maximum paper source capacity of 5/3,600 sheets.

Printer Specifications

Engine Mfr/Model: Konica Minolta/bizhub C227
Compatibility: PC, Mac
Speed: 22 ppm color/22 ppm black
Enhanced Resolution: 1800 x 600 dpi
Unenhanced Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
Std/Max Printer Memory: Shared
Controller Mfr/Model: Konica Minolta/Emperon
Processor/MHz: ARM Cortex-A7 Dual-core/I1.2 GHz

General Specifications

First Copy Time: 8.4 sec color/6.8 sec black
Multicopy (Ltr/Ldgr): 22 cpm color/22 cpm black
Warm-up Time: 20 sec
Std Paper Source(s): Dual drawer
Std Paper Capacity: 500/500 sheets
Paper Weights: 15-15/16 to 68-1/8 lbs
Bypass/Paper Weights: 100-sheet/15-15/16 to 68-1/8 lbs
Max Paper Sources/Cap: 5/3,600 sheets
Max Original Size: 11 x 17
Min/Max Output Size: 4 x 6/11 x 17
Copy Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
Std/Max System Memory: 2-GB RAM, 250-GB HD/4-GB RAM*, 250-GB HD
Duplex: Auto (1:2,2:2,2:1)
Capacity/Paper Sizes: Unlimited/5-1/2 x 8-1/2 to 11 x 17
Document Feeder: Opt RADF
Capacity: 100 orig
Paper Weights: 9-5/16 to 34-1/16 lbs

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