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The packaging industry is booming—it was worth $473.7 billion in 2022 with the potential to grow to more than $500 billion by 2027. With the increasing demand for custom packaging, the time is now for small and large businesses to invest in reliable and high-functioning printers that can accommodate countless orders!

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Printer & Copier Solutions for Packaging Businesses is the most reliable partner for your company when it comes to printing custom labels, custom-printed packaging, custom stickers and all other business needs. We’ll help you find the perfect printer and copier, as all of our options are available for leasing and purchase to provide flexibility that meets your budget.

Multifunctional Printers -

Multifunction Printers & Copiers

Whether you own a small or large business for packaging, you’ll never go wrong with having a multifunction printer (or several). Our latest technology allows speedy printing, scanning and copying—all in one machine!  

Your packaging printing infrastructure will also greatly improve thanks to the wireless capabilities of our devices. Send files from one department to another and your device of choice to print documents from your desk.

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Mailing Machines -

Mailing Machines

In the packaging industry, customers need tangible products to see and feel the quality of personalized labels, custom stickers, and stationery materials. That’s why investing in mailing machines is a great way to keep in touch with your clients. 

The high-quality Francotyp mailing machines we stock won’t let you down. These devices will process up to 45 pieces of 10mm-thick mail per minute, helping you secure orders and send them to customers in no time. 


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Production Printers -

Production Printers

Investing in an in-house production printer is a cost-effective solution when printing packaging, as you get more control over quality and quantity.

Ensure you have the top-rated package and label sticker printing by trusting our renowned production printers. These allow you to print high-definition banners, wrapping paper, boxes, and posters to improve your client’s branding. You can seamlessly get multiple material finishes, ranging from plain white paper to UV-coating media.

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Our office printers are an excellent alternative if you’re on a tight budget but still want to deliver fantastic packaging printing services. 

These durable machines can meet your expectations for label sticker printing, offering accurate colour printouts at lightning print speeds to accommodate your influx of orders during peak season. Our high-quality inkjet and laser printers are designed to handle it all. 

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Working With Brands You Can Trust

Before the influx of online shopping and deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic, the packaging industry wasn’t as prominent as it is today. Most packaging companies were content with standard brown boxes and plain sticker label printing. 

Changes in the world have reshaped industries. Now, companies are putting much more stock into their custom packaging. Trying to balance brand identity, sustainability, and efficiency all at once has created new challenges for package printing businesses of all sizes. As many have found out the hard way, meeting these demands and catering to a wider audience is only possible with the right devices. 

Rise above the rest in this competitive packaging printing market by delivering top-notch, durable, and personalized solutions for your customers. Rely on our Konica Minolta, Toshiba, and Canon printers to help you achieve unparalleled success when printing packaging, boxes, stickers, paper labels, and other essential branding materials.

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Printers for Custom Packaging, Labels, and More

Packaging is more than just a corrugated box to hold and secure products for delivery; it’s a quintessential part of your business’ branding. 

Companies in this industry work with design experts to create boxes and containers that leave a lasting impression. Combining colours, typography, and shapes makes it possible to create a customized design that speaks to your target audience. 

As such, when printing packaging, it’s about turning designed layouts into custom labels, eye-catching stickers, and ergonomic box shapes. All these need an infallible printer that handles multiple paper types and formats—something we can provide. will help you find the right printer for your package printing needs. We’ll equip your business with the best equipment for your box inserts, labels, and packages.

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It’s time to level up your label and packaging printing! is the best choice for all your printer needs. Our diverse catalogue will help you deliver high-definition, durable prints with an unmatched efficiency. We didn’t become Canada’s leading print solutions provider overnight—our expertise spans a wide variety of industries that require custom-printed packaging—our products deliver results! 

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