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As a business grows, so too do their documentation requirements and important pieces of information can start to get stored in a multitude of different locations. When you are dealing with a mixture of digital word documents and static PDF image files, it can be extremely time consuming to find the file you need.

Some will be stored in an online company drive, some will be stored in someone’s personal email, and others could be stored directly on someone’s computer. This can quickly spiral out of control and make finding the right document an exercise in frustration.

With the age of artificial intelligence upon us, businesses can know leverage their pattern recognition and incredible speed into effective document management solutions. These programs are able to consolidate all of your business documents into one, easy to search platform. Not only that, but digitizing your scanned document files is now as simple as clicking a button.

What are Document Management Solutions?

Document management solutions refer to a unified platform that connects to all of your business information repositories and allows them to all become searchable from the one place.

Not only can they make finding the correct document incredibly quickly and easily, by utilizing the latest in OCR technology, they can seamlessly convert document image files into editable word and text documents.

Most document management solutions are built around three core ideas - repository neutrality, intelligence, and the importance of metadata.

Repository neutrality refers to the unifying database most document management solutions are based on. This means that when you search within a document management platform, it does not restrict your search to just one repository (for example, Google Drive), but rather searches every repository your business uses for the file you are looking for.

This means that you do not have to waste time searching in several different locations to find the one file, you can simply perform one search and if that file exists within your business networks, you will find it.

Intelligence of the document management systems refers to smart algorithms and automatic assistance that is typically built into the platforms. This allows for seamless searches, optimized results, and intelligent predictions of what you might want to do once you have found your document.

Document management solutions also add an extra layer of security to your business operations. By utilizing the power of the cloud, all of your data is backed up automatically and protected by enterprise grade cyber security tools. If one of your computers crash, you can simply log in from another computer and all of your documents will be waiting and ready for you.

By placing more importance on what a file is as opposed to where it is located, document management platforms are able to serve much more relevant results whenever you perform a search. A document’s file type is a part of its metadata, and by focusing on this, document management solutions remove the barriers that different repositories can put up within your business.

How does Document Management work?

Document management platforms integrate with many different repositories so that they can pull the data that is stored in them into a single user experience.

Document management platforms have developed backend tools that extract the relevant information about a file, such as its name, location, and metadata. These tools are able to interact with many different file storage architectures, from Google Drive to Dropbox.

Once a business has connected each of their different information repositories to a document management platform, they will then be able to perform one search that shows them results from all of their storage locations.

How will Document Management help my business?

By cutting down on time spent searching the various file locations within your business, document management solutions can easily save thousands of dollars in lost time and resources.

By being able to perform just one search and find what you are looking for instantly, that task that usually takes an hour just became a 15 minute task. When you expand this out across all of your employees and different business units, the savings can really add up.

Many document management solutions also offer built in optical character recognition, or OCR. OCR allows for the scanning of PDF, scanned documents or digital images into searchable, editable word documents.

This has the added benefit of integrating with your unified search platform, so that a signed contract scanned into your Vancouver office will be instantly accessible and revisable by your contract editor in Toronto. It couldn’t be easier! Document Management offers a range of document management solutions to suit any business.

Our knowledgeable team will take the time to find out everything there is to know about your company and what it needs out of its document management platform. We can then recommend the perfect solution to help you kick your business goals.

Our talented technicians will assist with the installation and training of your new platform so that you and your staff feel comfortable with the technology. The benefit of many of our document management solutions is that they are incredibly simple to use and user friendly. As always, should you have any questions our dedicated support staff are only a phone call away.

Do your business and productivity a favour and contact us today to discuss document management solutions that are right for you.

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