Why Printer Location Matters for Workplace Efficiency

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In any type of workplace, constantly coming up with ways to improve office productivity is a vital component of the company’s overall efficiency. When the subject of office productivity, it’s common that the initial ideas would shift to the subject of culture improvements and wage increases. While these are both crucial attributes of a well-oiled machine of a company, you can also boost your office’s productivity by evaluating the setup and location of your printers.

It may sound trivial, however, placing your office’s printers in a strategic manner in the workplace has the power to make headway for enhanced productivity and efficiency for everyone at the company.

There was a time when offices were riddled with tons of devices all clumped up in rooms that were peppered with wires and tangled cords. Printers, fax machines, scanners, copier machines, and other appliances used to take up a lot of space and cause unnecessary confusion. With a fleet of devices sprinkled all over the office, utilizing, managing, and maintaining them would be a true challenge. Lucky for us, wireless technology and shared networking functions have been invented. This makes using an office printer much more convenient than it used to be.

It’s no secret that work can generate spikes of stress, but by coming up with ways to increase productivity and office convenience, your workflow will improve while the levels of stress plunge substantially. As previously mentioned, if you want to boost efficiency, the location and setup of your office printers matter. Having the right tools and knowing how to maximize their functions is the key to a successful workplace. When it comes to your office printers, location is everything.

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Physical Printer Location

Your business is composed of departments and personnel that tend to a variety of specialized tasks.

The first thing to consider when deciding where to install your printers is the departments that have a higher demand for printing on a daily basis. For instance, employees who work in the department responsible for record-keeping and invoices will naturally need to use printers on a regular basis. In contrast, people in the digital marketing department won’t have such a frequent need for printers.

With this in mind, it is important to place the printers geographically closer to the division that uses the printers as a vital part of their daily work.

This simple factor can save your employees a lot of time and stress while increasing the levels of productivity. Because let’s be honest, long walks to the printer can be physically draining and exhausting. The office is a fast-paced environment that thrives when convenience is incorporated in every way possible.

Bring Your Own Device

Convenient printer location works hand in hand with high-quality functions and operating systems. As you already know, placing your printers in the wrong locations could severely impact the speed and quality of your workflow. Moreover, the delays could put a lot of stress and pressure on the employees.

Another element to consider is using wireless printers. Wires and cords are gradually becoming a thing of the past, as wireless technology is taking over, providing monumental convenience for its users.

Utilizing Wi-Fi enabled printers allows your staff to integrate a common workplace practice called “bring your own device”. Although using office-provided devices has been a common practice for a long time now, most employees seem to prefer bringing their laptops or other electronic devices to work.

People prefer wireless connectivity because being able to connect to a printer from the comfort of your desk is much easier than walking all the way up to a free device to connect your flash drive.

Your Printer’s Digital Location

While we’re discussing the topic of office device convenience, it’s important to remember that printer location can also pertain to the digital location of your printer. To be more specific, are your office printers cloud-enabled?

You’re most likely already aware that the majority of office tasks have migrated to online platforms. Daily communications and meetings have taken a turn for the digital, but so have printers. Cloud Printing Management gives your staff the ability to send in documents to be printed in the office no matter where they are. This functionality is especially essential for virtual teams and remote staff. They can print documents electronically and regardless of the distance, allowing them to collaborate with colleagues from literally anywhere.

Switching to this simple yet innovative form of technology will definitely benefit your workplace and workflow by tenfold.

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of businesses. The internet is a powerful tool that businesses can use to their advantage, and utilizing cloud-enabled printers is one of the best ways to do it. In this modern world, people just keep on inventing new ways to stay connected any time, anywhere.

Complexity vs. Simplicity

How many times have you encountered printer related issues that you just couldn’t solve on your own?

No matter how well and strategically placed your work printers are, if they’re too hard to understand and operate, no improvements will come about the office’s productivity. Dated printers with a wide array of old fashioned buttons tend to cause a lot of confusion for this generation that has become so accustomed to touch screen devices. Due to this digital era, it’s imperative to equip your office with printers that have been built with touch screen interfaces.

Utilizing modern technology cuts through all the complicated buttons and pierces straight to the core functions of a printer.

Wave goodbye to printer related work delays by sticking to one of the most important rules of productivity increases: keep it simple!

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Industry-Leading Managed Print Services

At Busys.ca, we understand the importance of equipping your organization with high-quality printers. As a client-focused company with more than 35 years of experience in the industry, we take pride in providing state of the art copier and printer technology and excellent customer service. These have helped us build partnerships with thousands of businesses in Toronto and across the expanse of Canada.

This vibrant industry has and will continue to be ever-changing. This is why we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with modern document management solutions which are both productive and environment friendly. We believe that by utilizing the best devices for your business, anything is possible.

Before deciding on the optimal location for your office printers, you need to make sure that the printers themselves live up to your staff’s needs and courses insync with the rhythm of your workflow.

Take the Konica Minolta Bizhub 808 for example. It’s multi-touch swipe, drag, double-tap, pinch, and toggle functionalities provide an easy-to-use printing experience for everyone in your office. This particular printer has been engineered for business with heavy printing needs. Your printing jobs will be quicker than ever with its impressive output of approximately 80 black and white pages per minute.

As mentioned above, filling your office with multiple devices, such as printers, copier machines, fax machines, and scanners is frankly a waste of space and resources. Why invest in multiple devices when you can have it all in one place? The Bizhub 808 has been designed to be ideal for printing, scanning, and copying. It’s absolute convenience at its finest.

Have you ever been worried about data security? Well, with the Bizhub 808 these worries will be a thing of the past. This printer’s contemporary security features have been built in to keep all your data and documents 100% secure. With functions, such as user authentication and authentication log, you will be able to monitor what your printer is being used for and exactly who is using it. Furthermore, memory data auto-deletion allows you to rest assured that your prints will stay confidential.

If you want to learn more about the Konica Minolta Bizhub 808, or get more information on our other advanced office devices, contact us today! Our friendly and professional team will be glad to assist you with all your document management needs.

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