Which Industries Print the Most?

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While a lot of businesses have gone fully digital, many still rely on their printers as it is necessary for their daily operations. So, which industries print the most?

In this article, you’ll discover more about document-heavy industries and the nature of how they consume paper.

You’ll be surprised to find out that print media is very much still alive!

What Businesses Do a Lot of Printing?

The education, law, real estate, finance, and medical sector all heavily rely on printing. Learn more about their typical print operations below.

    1. Education

The printing industries of America and the rest of the world pay much attention to the needs of the educational sector. A school uses an average of 2,000 sheets per day, giving you 320,000 pages when you compute an annual number. Adding these numbers to the total paper consumption of all the institutions worldwide can answer the question, “Which industry uses the most paper?”

The education industry needs paper for producing books, worksheets, notebooks, and more. Only a few schools have transitioned to a fully digital learning space so far.

a teacher marking assignments printed on paper

    2. Law

The law sector is one of the industries printing an average of 50 pages an hour. A single lawyer can generate 20,000 to 10,000 printed pages per year for legal documents.

Printed reports and evidence are required to establish legitimacy when defending and settling court cases. Lawyers also use print media for creating binding documents like contracts and restraining orders. These reasons validate why printing is rampant in law firms.

    3. Real Estate

If you’ve ever purchased a home or rented an apartment, can you recall how often you used paper and signed documents? Whatever your answer is, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of how much paper the real estate industry uses.

Real estate businesses need printing for the following reasons:

  • Contract signing with clients;
  • Printed marketing materials;
  • House or building blueprints;
  • Document drafts;
  • Business cards;
  • Flyers and pamphlets; and
  • Miscellaneous paper materials used in showrooms.

Printers are one of the essential office products in the real estate business. No company in this industry can function properly without this machine.

Home blueprints for a real estate project

    4. Finance

Although online banking has become more popular, financial institutions still rely heavily on paper. This industry has a long paper trail required for high-value money transactions. For example, banks must provide hard copies of buyouts, mergers, acquisitions, and contracts to prove ownership of assets.

At another level, banks have traditionally printed a significant amount of paper for several reasons, including account statements, cheques, legal and regulatory documents, as well as documentation and contracts.

    5. Medical

Medical establishments are also among the industries that use print the most. But how is that possible? Well, let’s look at this situation from a patient’s point of view.

When you enter a hospital, a nurse requires you to fill out a medical form that asks for your identity and the reason for your visit. Then, you’ll be directed to the doctor’s office, where they’ll give you a prescription on paper. Upon payment, the cashier will print multiple copies of your receipts for documentation.

That kind of experience leaves you with a handful of documents—now, imagine the process repeating itself millions of times when you count the hospitals worldwide.

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