What Is Production Printing?


What Is Production Printing

Many businesses are looking to move their printing in house to avoid extra costs associated with outsourcing.

While in the past outsourcing bulk printing requirements was the norm, as specialised printing companies had invested The capital in expensive printing equipment, these days, many brands are making the move to in-house production printing. Production printers in Toronto have gotten increasingly advanced, whilst also becoming more affordable. This allows companies to print their own promotional materials, giving them extra control over costs and quality.

But what exactly is production printing?

This broad term covers a variety of different printing types and is used by almost every industry in some capacity. We explain everything you need to know in our comprehensive guide below.

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What is Production Printing?

Production printing is the process of creating printed collateral at higher volumes than typical office printers are capable of.

Many industries utilise production printing during their daily operations. Pamphlets, brochures, catalogues, bulk mail communications, and user manuals are all created at scale using production printing. As mentioned earlier, previously most companies would outsource this work to specific printing companies. This would save them having to invest in the printing equipment themselves, saving them capital and cash flow. However, this also put them at the mercy of the printing company’s schedule and quality control, which could sometimes not align with the standards of the outsourcer brand.

In recent years, production printers have gotten smaller, cheaper, and more advanced. This allows them to have much smaller footprints, while offering enhanced capabilities and connectivity, making in-house production printing a reality for many businesses. Performing their own production printing allows complete control over meeting deadlines and hitting their quality targets.

How Do Production Printers Work?

Production printers in Toronto work similarly to regular printers, but with a few key differences.

A production printer is essentially a line of conventional printers daisy chained into one long printing setup, with each printing segment handling a different aspect of the printing job. Paper is taken in at one end and fed through each of the printers, with new printed elements being added at each stage. The finished product is released at the other end of the setup, where it is collected for shipping out to desired locations.

Production printers in Toronto have special automated processes that ensure consistent quality across all materials during high output sessions. This involves sensors that detect minute shifts in paper orientation and correct them in real time to ensure that results remain consistent throughout the course of a printing job.

What are the Benefits of Production Printing?

The benefits of production printing are increased speed and output of printed materials, allowing for thousands of impressions over the course of a day.

This means that companies can create bulk amounts of promotional or instructional materials very quickly, helping them keep up with competition and consumer demand in high volume areas. Adding in additional accessories to production printers in Toronto can further increase usability and functionality. For instance, a binder attachment will automatically insert a binding element to collated pages, resulting in completed booklets ready for distribution. This removes the need for an employee to bind each document by hand, saving time and money.

Bringing production in house further saves time and money through reduced administration, invoicing, delivery, and quality assurance processes. Having the Toronto production printer in the office allows for rapid prototyping of designs and layouts, without having to send it to the outsourced printing company and waiting for a sample to come back. You also do not have to worry about receiving deliveries from the printing company, as you are printing everything on premises.

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Who Needs A Production Printer?

Many companies in many industries can benefit from a production printer in Toronto.

Any business that regularly or semi regularly needs to produce larger quantities of printed materials should invest in a production printer. These machines can also be especially useful for the fashion industry, allowing for rapid changes to textile designs and sketches on the fly. Similarly, news and magazine companies would benefit from the high output and control over quality afforded by production printers in Toronto.

Production printers can also be useful during large scale events such as seminars and conferences. Often, businesses need to create hundreds, if not thousands, of pamphlets or handouts to circulate during these events. This can be expensive to outsource, but can be produced rapidly and cheaply with an in house production printer. Production printing in Toronto can help your business stay ahead of the competition while saving you money in the long run.

Especially for short term projects like upcoming events or product launches, purchasing a whole new production printer might not make the most sense for your cash flow. That’s when leasing a production printer makes a lot more sense both financially and practically. Busys.ca is proud of offer an extensive range of the highest quality production printers in Toronto for both lease and purchase. We only partner with industry leaders like Canon, Toshiba, and Konica Minolta, to offer the latest in production printing technology.

If you’re looking for a new printer to enhance your productivity, contact Busys.ca today.

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