What Printer Is Best For My Business?

What Printer Is Best For My Business?

Whether you’re establishing a new business or are looking to improve your organization, investing in smart, effective technology can benefit your business in a number of different ways.

One piece of equipment that is common amongst many organizations are printers. There are obviously several printers available on the market from various brands offering unique designs and functionalities. However, making the right choice for your business’ needs can maximize the dollars you spend and get the best possible long-term return!

If you’re on the hunt for a printer in Toronto, we’ve highlighted some of the most efficient printer types for business use.

Konica Minolta multifunction printer in Toronto

Multifunction Printers

Multifunction printers are popular amongst offices of all sizes. Consolidating scanners, fax, copiers and printers into one machine, it allows businesses to streamline assets, simplify processes and ultimately improve workflow.

Depending on the size of your business, staff may find themselves replacing paper every few days and disturbing workflow. One major advantage of multifunction printers is that most models have an expanded capacity of up to 3500 pages, making refills a much less frequent task. They can keep up with the heavy workload of staff, putting out up to 95 pages per minute. If you do eventually lean towards a multifunction printer in Toronto, try to invest in one with laser print technology– you can be sure that your prints will come out crisp and clear every time!

As trends of increased flex hours and remote work continue to rise, investing in printers with high levels of accessibility is highly recommended. Here at Busys, we offer a wide selection of printers with easy connectivity. Many of our products offer easy connectivity, allowing people to print from anywhere within an office or even throughout the building and immediate surrounding area.

With features like NFC reading capabilities, plug & print, and the ever-popular airplay, members of your organization will be able to conveniently print from any device, and as easily as just pressing a button!

One feature shared by multifunction printers in Toronto that exceeds the abilities of other types of printers is customization options. Our multifunction printers feature incredibly user-friendly touch screen menu customization. Individuals can personalize options with various copying, scanning and printing features through button structure customization and contrast controls.

We recommend multifunction printers for mid-large size businesses that want to simplify office processes, maximize cost and improve overall productivity!

Production Printers

These days, many large organizations or specialized businesses offering commercial printing or direct mail service are making the shift to inhouse printing.

With the sheer size and technology embedded in production printers, they can be serious investments. However, it’s important to analyze your organizations day-to-day operations, and if production printers can help you save long-term.

Production printers are at the top of the printing game when it comes to high capacity output and rapid printing. Many of our production printers are able to print up to 136 pages per minute and store 18,000 pages. Another advantage of production printers is the professional grade resolution of all materials. You can trust that your prints and paper products will be developed with incredible quality and color resolution.

One example of the success of production printers is within university environments. Rather than have students go off campus to print posters, pages, banners, or other paper materials, many universities have adopted the practice of moving printing in-house to make things easier for their students! If you find that your business could remove steps and simplify processes for staff or clients, then production printers are the right choice for you!


As technology advances, “regular” printers can now pack several incredible features within their small frames. Some industry-leading printer brands include Canon and Konica Minolta.

Many printers include convenient features like cloud print, deeply integrated connectivity, and wireless printing capabilities. These features make printing accessible to those who need it within your workspace.

Modern printers have also improved in how much paper they can store, and our printers offer up to a 2000 page capacity, printing up to 50 pages per minute! For home offices or small businesses, this output can definitely keep up with your workflow!

Even though printers come in relatively small sizes, they can still produce products with remarkable, crisp quality with 1200 dpi as standard!

Printers also offer environmentally friendly features, including double sized printing, auto-duplexing and blank page removal. These practices can save your business paper, toner, ink, and energy– and those savings can really add up!

We recommend printers for home offices or small businesses of up to 20 people. Printers can be really beneficial for spaces that have pivoted to digital practices but may need to occasionally produce tangible documents. If your organization grows, you can simply upgrade to a multifunction printer as needed!

Here at Busys Business systems, we offer all forms of printers, from multifunction printers to affordable small business printers and production printers. Our entire team is incredibly client-focused, and we’ll work to find solutions that best suit the needs of your organization.

We offer a guaranteed response time of 3 hours, revolutionary document management solutions and software, and print solutions that can save you thousands of dollars. If you’re looking for the right printer in Toronto for your business, contact us today!

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