The Top Tools for Better Work Management

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In any industry, it is necessary to equip your company with the right tools to succeed from the get-go. Everything from a physical office setup to a working digital space, there should be no room for compromise. 

While print remains an essential tool for businesses, every company needs functional and user-friendly work management software to control the creation and modification of digital content.

Better work management has become a top-of-mind concern as people are transitioning from an office setting to working from home. In order to be as efficient as possible, it’s integral to incorporate the best work management software to help organize individual and team workflows. These tools provide a platform for you and your colleagues to store documents, manage media, and share written content in an organized and easily accessible manner. While everyone has their favourite software, the best type of work management system would be one that adds value to your business by enabling you to handle basic workflow in an easy, user-friendly and flexible way.

Here are our top picks for the best work management software of 2020:

1. Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is a secure file hosting service that offers cloud storage for seamless team collaboration, sharing client software, and file synchronization. With this tool, you’ll never have to worry about capacity, as it guarantees easy storage and sharing of large video files, images, and Adobe files. Known for its noteworthy file syncing capabilities, extensive administrative features, and tough security properties, it’s no wonder why Dropbox Business has been trusted by renowned companies all over the globe.

2. CMS Hub

If you’ve been looking for a work management system that helps you create mobile and conversion-optimized website content for your business, then you’ll enjoy the perks of CMS Hub. This tool’s features include website themes, SEO recommendations, multi-language content creation and adaptive testing with a user-friendly interface that allows for all team members to contribute seamlessly.

3. Bynder

Give yourself, colleagues, and business associates the convenience of access to your digital assets. Bynder is one of the most user-friendly methods to manage and distribute your virtual content across the cloud. Teams can easily track down the right files, collaborate and communicate in real time regarding revisions, and distribute content over a wide range of channels. With the brilliance of Bynder at the heart of your workflow, your brand can have full control over every digital aspect by means of one principal portal.

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4. Sharepoint

Engineered by the multinational tech giant, Microsoft, you can bet that Sharepoint comes with state-of-the-art technologies. Sharepoint promotes empowering teamwork via dynamic and collaborative features that benefit every department and division of your company. This work management software provides the convenience of easily sharing data, files, news, and resources.

Whether you use a PC, laptop, or mobile device, access and functionality remain efficient and streamlined. Take full advantage of its desktop sharing and viewing, annotation tools, webs slides, whiteboards, and instant messaging. Highly customizable to your specific needs, your team can effortlessly and securely connect and collaborate no matter where they are.

5. Zoho WorkDrive

Zoho WorkDrive will be your company’s new best friend with an offering of a clutter-free file management system for teams or individuals (Zoho Docs). Akin to a digital version of a file cabinet, this work management software will effectively elevate your team’s secure and collective workspace like never before. This file hosting platform allows users to effortlessly share documents, images, spreadsheets, presentations, music, and even movies. With all your files stored in one centralized location, you can carry them with you wherever you go.

6. Exo Platform

Exo Platform is a digital workplace software that provides exceptional features for efficient communication, collaboration, and amplified productivity by optimizing employee engagement. All these capabilities have been masterfully integrated into one streamlined employee-centred hub.

With Exo, you can utilize prebuilt content management properties to display substantial information and broadcast messages when necessary. Additionally, you can use this platform to increase your reach to leverage social channels in order to target your communications, and get feedback. In turn, this amplifies and empowers your employees’ voices exponentially. Furthermore, Exo has become the ideal system for sourcing and curating content and leveraging gamification possibilities.

7. CoSchedule

Who doesn’t want to get more done in less time? CoSchedule is one of the best work management software programs for digital marketers. Their products come in three tiers: the first being a blog calendar, the second, a marketing calendar (with blog calendar capabilities) and the third, the marketing suite (includes all features).

With these features, you can track your tasks and appointments in real time, have full control and access to your social media channels, save custom views of your calendars, and easily schedule and reschedule appointments through a shared team calendar. The calendars are fully integrated with WordPress with the option to bulk schedule your posts. In addition, their marketing suite allows you to manage all your marketing requests, automate your team’s workflows, organize your calendar according to the corresponding teams, track team progress, and securely store your assets and files.

8. OnBase

OnBase supplies employees with a comprehensive view of the data they need, exactly when they need it. This amazing work management software has been designed to cater to important business content. Built with user convenience as a priority, OnBase has the ability to connect and work with other applications and platforms in order to deliver information across multiple familiar interfaces. Moreover, you will be able to experience more streamlined workflows that enable better and quicker decisions to render optimal customer service and business results. Basically, OnBase is a single information platform that manages your content, business processes, and cases. By centralizing all your vital content in one secure virtual location, you’ll have easy access to data 24/7.

9. Panopto

Writing is the most basic form of communication when it comes to sharing online content across various platforms, but sometimes contrast is necessary to get your voice heard. So, why type when you can record? Panopto allows you to record, edit, and share your videos with their service with professional level software that’s easy-to-use. They also offer live streaming software and video search tools. With excellent video management features, Panopto is a top choice for businesses and universities that want a secure portal for hosting and sharing video content.

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10. Clinked

Clinked is the ideal platform for your company’s workflow management needs, especially if your type of industry requires customized cloud solutions. Store data securely and utilize consistent communications with your colleagues and clients. With Clinked, you can keep track of your business processes, interact with your clients, and stay in the loop with all your tasks and appointments.

11. Ultradox

Thanks to Ultradox, you can finally automate the most monotonous of tasks and translate them into your own enterprise applications without the need to hire an extensive team of developers. Ultradox is efficient, cost-effective, and revolutionary in terms of work management software. With its unique combination of workflow and template engines, you will be able to generate, merge, send, and even print websites as part of your business plans.

With its brilliantly-integrated printing options, you’ll have the best of both digital and physical data storage solutions. Moreover, you and your co-workers will be able to make the most of its features that cater to creating and sending out regular updates and reports. Additionally, you can stay interconnected with all your colleagues by means of customized interactive apps that work in combination with Google Drive. With this cloud-based document, management, and process automation platform, your workflow’s productivity will propel to the next level.  

12. CARA

CARA by Generis has been hailed as one of the most innovative and intelligent platforms for enterprise content and information management. Leading the innovation scene in content and data solutions for over two decades, it’s a fact that you can’t go wrong with this content management system. Utilized and trusted across a wide array of industries all over the planet, Generis is undoubtedly one of the leaders in content management solutions that aim to streamline and upgrade your business processes in order to minimize costs and increase efficiency.

13. SugarSync

SugarSync is a user-friendly file-sharing platform that allows you to safely store your photos from your family vacation, or need to share vital business data. This expedient and practical platform is easy to access and is ideal for online backup and cloud storage. Securely store files and view, save, edit, sync, or share them across multiple channels. The great thing about this software is that it has been designed with versatility in mind for personal or business use.

14. Box

Carefully crafted with an automated workflow, collaborative tools, third-party integrations, machine learning features, intelligent classifications, automatic classification of data, and easy and secure file sharing, you will find everything you need in Box. This highly scalable file hosting system is definitely one of the best options for individuals and companies with demanding workflow requirements. It’s most likely one of the best boxes you can get for your business.

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