Top Industries That Use Print and Need Regular Upgrades

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Imagine any corporate or office environment. There are lots of people bustling around, filing papers, printing memos, etc. Now imagine that same environment without any of today’s technology. The workflow would drop to a crawl. The office would be incredibly unproductive as everything would have to be done manually.

Sometimes even a single broken machine can put a complete stop to all work. The best way to prevent this scenario is to keep your office printers as up-to-date as possible.

A printer is one of the most commonly used machines in nearly every industry. Even with all the digitalization, you still need physical documents. 

In this article, we’ll cover the top industries that use print and will require regular printer upgrades if they want to maintain productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

6 Industries That Benefit From Regular Printer Upgrades

The modern office environment, no matter the industry, relies on a lot of technology to maintain its efficiency. This is especially true for printers since any office work produces a lot of paperwork. Although paper consumption in office spaces has reduced radically in the past couple of years, offices will always produce some amount of paperwork.

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1. Any Corporate Environment

The corporate environment is one of the busiest places in the word, and in order to keep up, they need to have the technology to match. This is especially true for printers since corporate offices still rely on paperwork although we are slowly moving towards digital documents. 

This is why corporate environments should upgrade their printers regularly. Printers are one of the most-used electronics in the office. Even with regular maintenance, you can’t eliminate all the wear and tear.

2. Government Agencies

Government offices need to work even more efficiently than corporate ones. A staggering amount of people rely on government agencies—from police and firefighters to social offices and Service Canada.

Government agencies need top-quality machines so they can cover all their printing needs. By always keeping their printing fleet up-to-date, government agencies won’t just keep their efficiency up, but also reduce the wait time for people using their services.

3. Educational Institutions

Schools and universities rely on paperwork more than some government agencies. They have to print tests, supplementary learning material, and not to mention student projects. This is why the educational industry needs to upgrade its printers regularly.

Not only will they save money in the long term, but also increase the quality of the prints. With increased print quality, the teachers can do more than just print out tests, they can also print more engaging learning materials.

4. Legal Firms

Legal firms need to uphold lawyer-client confidentiality at all costs. Some of the things law firms handle is very sensitive and can cause serious problems if it gets in the wrong hands. This is why any law firm needs to maintain top-notch cyber security. Printers are one of the most common vectors of attack for hackers. 

While no printer is 100% safe from getting hacked, the latest printer models are incredibly tough to crack—which reduces risks drastically.

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5. The Consturction Industry

The civil engineering industry still relies on large printers called plotters to print plans. While this industry may have niche printing needs, it benefits from new models the most. Modern plotter printers produce incredibly precise plans at speeds of up to fifteen copies an hour. 

#6 Branding Companies

Physical branding is just as critical as digital branding. This is why branding companies need to have as cutting-edge printers as possible. Brands need a lot of printed advertisements and brand material, so printer that can handle all types of large-scale print jobs can make a huge difference in both print quality and speed.

Efficient Printer Upgrades at Busys

Keeping your printer fleet up-to-date doesn’t just keep productivity and efficiency up. It also ensures the files you’re printing are safe from data breaches. Moreover, by regularly upgrading your printers, you also keep the operation costs down thanks to its upgraded features.

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