Why You Shouldn’t Use Third-Party Ink Cartridges

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Non-OEM products, also known as third-party printer products such as ink or toner cartridges, are products that are made by off-brand manufacturers. Your branded printer sells OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) products which are usually more costly, but the output is exponentially better.

While nobody wants to overspend or pay the full price for something you can get elsewhere for cheaper, it’s important to look at the reasons why this shouldn’t be your first option. So, why would you pay the full price for something if you can get a much more affordable third-party version? It’s because some things are more costly for a good reason.

If you thought that using third-party ink cartridges is just the same as using authentic ones, we’re here to break down the reasons why they aren’t and explain why you should be choosing OEM products instead of the off-branded version.

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The Downside to Using Third-Party Ink Cartridges

The Risk of Quality Inconsistencies

More often than not, you might find that third-party ink cartridges run the risk of overspraying or producing blurry lines. They also tend to fade over time due to the fact they are made with water-based pigments instead of the more potent oil-based inks that OEM cartridges are made with. There are even circumstances wherein they work seamlessly in the beginning, but gradually clog primer heads in the long run.

Paper Compatibility

When using third-party printer ink, one of the sure-fire signs of compromised quality is colour inconsistencies. Your prints may come out looking alright, but more often than not, they won’t be up to par with your expectations of how they appear on the screen.

They tend to produce text and images with poor colour fidelity and other inferior characteristics. In such cases, you will notice that no matter how crisp and clear your images are on the screen, they may not always translate properly onto paper.

Malfunction and Repair

One of the foremost risks of using a third-party ink cartridge provider is the probability of malfunction. Aftermarket products commonly use generic compounds of lower quality, which could lead to menial results and potential damage to your printer’s functionality. Taking this into account, it’s clear that using third-party ink cartridges will eventually cost you more in the long run.

If an off-brand cartridge causes a malfunction in your printer, the repair costs will most likely be covered by the owner of the device, regardless of whether it is still under warranty or not. This is because most brands specify that its manufacturer’s warranty does not cover failures caused by third-party products, parts, or supplies.

Even if generic and remanufactured printer ink cartridges are evidently more economical than the original versions, the harm they could induce onto your printer isn’t worth it. This is why more and more people have started to invest in better quality from the get go. The expenses of original printer ink cartridges is a small price to pay for maintaining the fidelity of your colour printer to produce optimal image and text quality.

Potential Health Risks

If you care about the environment, then it is a given that you care about your wellness too. It’s easy to overlook this facet when it comes to printer products, but many of these generic ink cartridges emit harmful substances into the air that can be detrimental to your health. Based on studies, there is a specific threshold of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), styrene, and ink particles that is considered safe for humans. Imitation inks emit these dangerous chemicals at alarmingly high levels; way above the safety limit. The chemicals are considered to be toxic and high amounts of them could affect one’s health substantially. Since most third-party products are not regulated, it is safe to say that OEM ink cartridges are the more feasible choice.

The Benefits of Using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Products

Quality is King

Genuine or brand-made ink cartridges are the products of extensive research and rigorous testing. They are specially made for efficiency and the capability to work with your printer to deliver premium high quality output. On the opposite side of the spectrum, non-OEM and off-brand ink cartridges are designed to handle a wide range of printer models. Due to their universal properties, chances are high that they won’t be able to provide you with proper results.

What truly sets original products apart from the crowd is the first-rate medium used to create these types of printer paraphernalia. The ink that originates from authentic products does not smear or smudge. Plus, it allows your printed images and text to last for years on end. These extraordinary results are possible thanks to the pigmentation ink dye that generates vibrant output for superlative image quality. This is a great benefit for your important documents and significant photos that you want to keep forever.

Environmental Awareness & Sustainability

In recent years, people all over the globe have become more and more aware about the issues surrounding environmental accountability. These efforts can be observed in the way businesses implement rules that aid in sustainability. A number of efforts regarding reusable options are dominating the market which help to drastically reduce the plastic waste that ends up in the ever-growing landfills. In turn, we are minimizing our carbon footprint in significant ways.

If you are part of the population that advocates for a more sustainable planet, you may be concerned about the amount of plastic that harms the environment due to used ink cartridges. This is where we need to be more conscientious with our purchasing habits. Of course, you want to be environmentally friendly, but you don’t want to compromise the quality of your prints, especially when you need them for professional purposes.

There is a widespread misconception circulating that using refilled or generic ink cartridges is the best approach; however, this isn’t entirely true. Buying original ink cartridges could actually be better for our Earth, as they outlast their generic counterparts. If you use a generic brand, the odds are that your printer will run out of ink at a faster pace versus if you use brand name. Authentic ink cartridges can yield up to 25,000 pages before they need to be replaced. The durability of these materials can undoubtedly help in the battle against contributing to the plastic in landfills and global warming.

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