Things to Know Before You Buy a Production Printer

Toshiba E-Studio 907 production printer
Thinking about taking your business’ prints to the next level by producing your own catalogues, manuals, flyers, or posters? If you answered yes, then you’re going to need a production printer., the number one printer and copier supplier in Canada, is here to help you discover what you need to know before you buy a production printer for your office. 

Through this guide, you’ll learn just how much value production printers can add to your business.

What Are Production Printers?  

First things first; what exactly is a production printer? 

Well, these heavy-duty printers (also known as digital presses or commercial printers) are high-powered pieces of office machinery that produce top-quality, large-scale printer solutions. 

Purpose of Production Printers

Production printers are great investments for any fast-paced enterprise looking to produce unique prints that will aid business operations. Companies that usually rely on production printers for business to flow include publishers, insurance agencies, banks, architectural firms, and construction companies. 

When you buy a production printer, you can produce the following in the highest quality: 

  • Books
  • Flyers
  • Manuals
  • Catalogues 
  • Calendars 
  • Brochures 
  • Booklets 
  • Posters 
  • Pamphlets 
  • Blueprints 
  • Maps 
  • Bank statements 

an aerial group of three people working on a blueprint

Besides being suitable for a vast range of print jobs, production printers allow you to print on various types of material, such as the following:

Moving onto their next exceptional feature, production printers are engineered to handle higher resolutions. For instance, they can print 2,400 x 1,200 dots per inch for colour printing with absolute ease. 

Top-Notch Hardware and Software Features

A large-scale business needs a large-scale printer with even larger benefits built into them.

In terms of hardware, production printers also boast high-capacity feeding options, heavy-duty staple options, paper stacking, punching trimming, and a wide array of finishing options.

As a reflection of those excellent features, production printers are also brimming with great software benefits, such as high-security configurations, industry-grade colour management services, and more!

What to Consider When Choosing a Production Printer 

It goes without saying that there are many factors to take into account when choosing a production printer to drive all your office’s hard copy needs, but these points take precedence.

Media Sizes

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to print out sizeable material on a regular basis. Ranging from blueprints to posters, your company’s forte entails specific print sizes too.

Before you add to cart, make sure that the production printer’s size specifications are suited for your task requirements.

Quality and Warranty

You want a production printer that is on par with your rigorous standards. After all, there is no room to compromise quality. Otherwise, you could end up losing revenue and valuable clients. Therefore, durability and functionality should be at the top of your checklist when shopping for a new printer

Additionally, read up on warranty and service repair details for future reference, as a quick troubleshoot may not always do the trick. This is why it’s important to shop brands that have proven their reliability in the industry, but we’ll discuss more of this in the next section. 


Finally, keep things within your budget. Of course, production printers with high price tags usually offer better quality, but nobody wants to go overboard. 

Aside from buying the machine itself, you need to take consumables and peripheral expenses into consideration. 

Production Printer Recommendations

To give you a boost in your journey towards purchasing amazing production printers, we’ve rounded up a few recommendations that check all the boxes. Built by the biggest brands in the print industry, these production printers are driven by state-of-the-art technology that won’t let you down. 

Canon Océ Plotwave 900

The Océ Plotwave 900 is trusted by architects and engineers all over the world. Thanks to its spectacular combination of quality, speed, and reliability, this Canon production printer makes waves in the corporate world

Canon Océ Plotwave 900 production printer

Konica Minolta Colorwave 910

If you’re looking for unparalleled speed, you’ve just found it. The Konica Minolta Colorwave 910 has the power to produce up to 12,000 square feet per hour. 

Time is gold, and this production printer couldn’t agree more. 

Konica Minolta Colorwave 910 production printer

Toshiba E-Studio 907

Toshiba cares about your convenience, and that’s why they incorporated a large, user-friendly, and colour touch-swipe display panel for easy and quick access to all functions. 

The E-907 also boasts a standard memory of 5GB RAM and one terabyte HDD, among other unique features. Your tallest print jobs will be a breeze, thanks to the Toshiba E-Studio 907.

Toshiba E-Studio 907 production printer

Print Your Vast Vision to Life With Busys 

Whether it’s posters or catalogues, production printers will help you seamlessly bring unique prints to life and elevate your brand’s artistic vision.  

If you’re deciding to buy a production printer or lease one, you will find outstanding devices that will surely exceed your expectations at Busys

Give us a call to learn more about our fleet of top-quality production printers. 

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