Why Multifunction Printers Are Ideal for Working From Home

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Working from home in this day and age has become exceedingly popular. Thanks to modern technology, many doors have opened for people to work just as effectively from a remote setting. Providing a myriad of benefits for both the employees and the company, working from home creates a platform for minimized stress, eliminates the hassle and delays of daily commuting, and promotes elevated levels of productivity. 

While working from home seems to be a viable alternative for working in an office environment during this global health crisis, it is also important to keep in mind that your home office requires all the necessary equipment to carry out your work tasks. You would commonly need a computer, a printer, scanner, and copier machine, among other vital tools. 

However, decking your home in all these bulky appliances may not be the most convenient or ergonomic thing to do. First off, they consume a lot of space. Secondly, it isn’t exactly practical to have three or four separate appliances, while you can have them all in one. 

While you work from home in these unconventional times, it is advisable to build an environment that promotes both productivity and comfortable living. After all, you are incorporating your work life into your home, so you must make it a point to create a space that makes you feel motivated and calm.

One way to really streamline all your work and upgrade your work from home experience is to make use of a multifunction printer. 

A multifunction printer, also commonly referred to as MFPs, has been designed with the properties of a printer, a scanner, a copier, and a fax machine. There are various kinds of multifunction printers. For instance, the inkjet multifunction printer is ideal for both colour and black and white printing. The 3-in-1 multifunction printers are designed to cater to printing, scanning, and copying by means of either inkjet or laser technology.  Furthermore, you can also enjoy the benefits of the 4-in-1 multifunction printer, which has the capacity to handle printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. While faxing may have fallen out of fashion, it is still a useful feature that exhibits the range of multifunction printers.  

Utilizing a multifunction printer, rather than installing a bunch of separate office equipment in your home, comes with multiple benefits that would work to your advantage. 

Elevated Convenience

Remember the days before the invention of multifunction printers? Everyone had to walk from one appliance to another just to print, copy, scan, or fax. All the time and effort that could have been channelled into work productivity was being wasted on waiting in line to use complicated printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines, that often included several buttons that just made the process of copying a set of documents more complex than it should be. 

Thanks to the era of multifunction printers. Convenience levels have skyrocketed. Now, we only need to walk up to one device for all our office needs. Just imagine having this type of convenience in your home! 

Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

According to the World Health Organization, a carbon footprint is measured by the impact that your activities have on the amount of carbon dioxide produced via the burning of fossil fuels. Everything we do leaves a footprint to some degree. The Earth is our home planet, and it is our responsibility to keep it clean and healthy. While it isn’t possible or practical to leave no carbon footprint, there are several ways in which we can reduce the adverse effects we have on the environment. 

One way to do this is by resorting to using a multifunction printer. They leave much smaller carbon footprints in comparison to all the individual electronic devices you would be using in its place.   

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Save On Your Electricity Expenses

When you only need to plug one other office device aside from your computer, it would lead to a drastic decrease in your electricity consumption. In turn, you would see it reflected in the monthly bills that you pay. Getting a multifunction printer for your home office provides both convenience and affordability.   

Save Space

Whether you have a room designated to your home office or want to incorporate your workspace into your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, space is always a factor that needs to be taken into account. Consider how you would squeeze your printer, scanner, copier machine, and fax machine into your kitchen while you balance a cup of hot chocolate next to your laptop. Or how would you feel if you had to drag your printer and scanner across your house just because you wanted to sit on your couch or your backyard bench for a change? 

During the pandemic, most people were left with no choice but to work from home. Most home offices are moderate in size and usually have other pieces of furniture and equipment displayed in them. Throwing in bulky electronic devices may not be visually appealing nor would it be practical. You don’t want to be waist-deep in work appliances at home, so this is where multifunction printers step in to save the day. Providing all the properties and efficiencies of a printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine, multifunction printers are compact devices that will fit right into your workspace at home. 

Fewer Repairs Required

Whether you work in an office environment or home-based setting, it is normal to run into little obstacles every now and then. The printer could get jammed or the copier machine could malfunction; it’s all part of the office life. In order to tackle things on a practical level, it would be better to get yourself a device that can do it all. 

This way, if any repairs are needed, fixing the issues would be much simpler than repairing three or four separate devices. In the event that you encounter a problem with your multifunction printer and call a professional to repair it for you, you could even ask them to check each functionality of your device to make sure there isn’t anything else that needs fixing. Truly brilliant all-in-one office tool, even when it comes to the repairs!

Wireless Connectivity

Multifunction printers are more than just devices that provide printing, scanning, copying, and fax services. They’re also vital office equipment that serves as intelligent networking devices that harness the ergonomic capabilities of state-of-the-art wireless and mobile features.  This means that you can connect to your home or office printer from literally anywhere in the world.  This commodious property gives users the ability to save time to an optimal level. You can print documents, vacation photos, or any other files with absolutely no hassle whatsoever, knowing that your documents are waiting for you when you get home or back to the office. 

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Speed Up The Process

There are certain things that are better off being separate entities, just because they would function better that way. On the other hand, that isn’t the case with multifunction printers, though. Regardless of the fact that they were designed to be compact and all-in-one, you can rest assured that no quality has been sacrificed in the process. 

Multifunction printers engineered by top of the line and trusted brands, such as Konica Minolta, Toshiba, or Canon boast revolutionary technology that makes office tasks smarter, faster, and much more efficient in comparison to a separate printer, copier, scanner, or fax machine. Leading the printing industry for decades and counting, we can all rest assured that they do not compromise on quality. 

Digitized Documents

 Multifunction printers aren’t exclusively for printing, faxing, scanning, and copying documents. They have been engineered with high tech intelligence that gives you the opportunity to utilize them as a digital gateway to all your important documents. By digitizing your files, you can wave goodbye to the times that you spent too much time looking for a physical copy of your records. Most multifunction printers come with a feature that allows you to scan your documents onto your cloud storage. This way, everyone who needs access to these files can easily access them via one location. It’s definitely one of the best methods to streamline your workflow and increase efficiency tenfold. With these files right at your fingertips, the possibilities are infinite. 


Eliminating the need for multiple bulky stacks of documents, multifunction printers give your business the ability to digitize, customize, and streamline your work to an optimal level. 

While transferring your files into a digital format, it is only natural to worry about their safety in a virtual environment full of hackers and breaches. Luckily, multifunction printers have been integrated with cybersecurity measures, so you can ease your mind. This feature gives you the opportunity to set file permissions and track who opens which documents. It’s digital safety and convenience for you, your business, and your colleagues at its finest.

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