Top Industries that Still Require Print Services

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With the sudden rise in technological advancements also came the digitization of documents. It’s a known fact that people see sharing files via cloud storage as an easier and more convenient way to store documents. It also makes company databases much more accessible. 

However, print services are still important and many industries still need them in their day-to-day operations. Even in the age of smartphones and self-driving cars, the print industry is thriving and is far from dead.

But which industries still require print services? Why do they still need them? Keep on reading to find out!

1. Corporate Headquarters Would Be Lost Without Print Services

Larger business entities, such as corporate centres or headquarters, still require print services. Yes, having digital files may be convenient and accessible for anyone on the corporate ladder, but technology can fail at any given moment of the day. Digital files can be compromised within seconds. Having hard copies will not give you the same problem.

While it’s always important to back up digital files and have multiple streams of storage, having hard copies of vital documents—especially the ones that corporations cannot afford to lose—is crucial for any business.

Some corporate sectors use printers daily, such as:

These industries are heavily reliant on print since they need documents to be signed by both the company and clients.

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2. The Finance Market Relies Heavily on Printing Services 

For financial institutions, such as banks or insurance companies, the efficiency of their processes can either make or break their business. Having a competent printer can help give their customers the information that they need faster.

In any industry, a good rule of thumb to remember is that customers want fast and complete access to their information. Financial institutions are no different. But where do the print services come in? Wouldn’t it be more convenient to access everything online?

Well, that may be true, but information such as bank certificates and bank statements—or virtually anything that government agencies may require from people—cannot be easily accessed online. Nor can they be sent by the client to the respective agency via email. These will always need to be printed and sent via mail or dropped off in person. 

3. Government Agencies Need Print Services Too

In the same vein, government agencies heavily rely on print services as well. Why? Well, it comes down to a combination of the two points above:

  1. Hard copies ensure the availability of crucial documents at any given time.
  2. Government agencies tend to be flooded by requests all the time. Thus, they need reliable equipment to deliver physical copies to people faster.

Everything from the birth of a newborn child to someone’s death certificate is handled by the government. This is why it’s frightening if databases containing such information were to get hacked—the stakes are real and very high. As such, printed copies must be saved on file somewhere and stored safely to avoid extensive inconveniences in case of data breaches.

Printed documents are needed by many, especially young adults entering the workforce for the first time. Official transcripts, clearances, and copies of government IDs might be needed by their companies to put on file. Having a multifunctional and fast printer helps government agencies provide better for the people they serve.

4. Printed Materials Are the Bread and Butter of the Publishing Industry

It goes without saying that the publishing industry needs print services. From hard-bound books to magazines and flyers, printed materials are still in circulation despite what others might claim. Books are still sought after despite the existence and convenience of e-books, and magazines and newspapers are still being delivered to people. The publishing industry may be moving silently, but it is still thriving.

This is why publishing houses rely heavily on commercial printing companies, especially those that can offer speed, quality, and value for money to meet their printing needs. Businesses that provide print services will steadily find work within the publishing industry.

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Even if you don’t provide print services, households need print materials too. Whether you’re printing out personal documents or forms, having a printer will always be necessary and more convenient. 

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