How to Increase Workplace Productivity

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There’s a common trend nowadays how people rant about how bad their work is and how unmotivated they become after a long period of employment. There are haunting stories about how some employers treat their employees and it became a scare tactic for most fresh graduates to pursue a challenging career. Sadly, it has become a norm to fear and feel drained in a workplace where the bosses are always right and the employees should just follow.

However, there are ways you can increase workplace productivity without compromising your goals and spending a lot of money. You can always improve productivity through real care and compassion for your employees. There’s also such a thing called employee engagement, which affects the quality and attitude of employees while working on their tasks.

Here are ways you can ensure a healthy workplace, better productivity, and loyal employees:

Invest in Good Equipment

From software to office furniture, always opt for the best. While expensive now, it can save you more money in the long run for its durability and longer performance. Improve their productivity by providing convenience, comfort, and durability readily available to your employees. Here are ways you can choose the best office furniture and electronics guaranteed to increase workplace productivity:

Comfort Is Always a Top Priority

If your service requires them to sit for hours on end, go for the best chair that provides the best back support for long sitting. Is the table too short? Stick to one that can be changed whenever needed – there are convenient office tables that can be fixed and turned to stand tables if needed. It’s also healthier for employees to stand once in a while.

Show What Your Brand Stands For

You brag that you’re a world-class company but the tables are crooked and the couch is 50 years old and dirty – don’t be this kind of company. When you want to run a respectable company, show what your brand stands for and aim for the best and the most reliable. This is also applicable in terms of designs and decor for the overall office layout.

Get Better Electronics

Electronics are supposed to make your work easier and convenient, so opt for ones that are cutting-edge and reliable. There are smart printers that you can invest in that are good for your business and phones that have smart features as well to help with daily tasks. Go for brands that are known to last and can withstand extreme usage and daily tasks without fail. Routers should also be reliable in making sure the internet is always fast and stays connected. If you have no budget for the best kind, think of easy ways like leasing a printer for now.

Storage Solutions

Improve productivity by getting smart storage solutions to keep files organized. Metal shelves and drawers can be stylish and sturdy too – always look for brands that have good reviews and feedback to ensure you are invested in the right place.

Invest in Good Employees

When you look for job vacancies, you can always see the same trend – school requirements, years of experience, and achievements made during their career or school. A lot of fresh college graduates eventually get discouraged in applying for that specific position because of the daunting requirements. Sad to say that most companies miss out on these fresh talents with new ideas because of the lack of experience achievements. To increase workplace productivity, you need to invest in people with the right attitude and dedication.

A new thing you should follow is hiring by personality – go for someone with no experience but showed up an hour before an interview wearing a crisp professional suit than someone with experience but postponed last minute. This shows the employee’s eagerness to learn and thrive in your company and that dedication cannot be outshined by experience and achievements alone.

Talent is also something you need to bear in mind. Increase by productivity by hiring the right people for various tasks. These talented people can come up with smart ideas to solve problems and tackle workloads with finesse. Consider hiring globally rather than just sticking to your city – some talents might live in different continents but will likely produce better results compared to other employees you have.

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Train Your Employees Well

Training is important, especially with an influx of new tasks and workload, you have to ensure your employees can handle it. Increase productivity with proper training for new hires and everyone. Learning something new is always a great thing for most employees as they can incorporate it in their work and can even help some employees struggling with their tasks.

Training can be something useful like effectively using excel at work or using a spreadsheet smartly – to something like how to manage stress during the heavy workflow and approaching deadlines. When the employees learn something new every day, they will be able to incorporate these into their everyday work. They might even be inspired and look forward to more meetings and training sessions. Maintaining their happiness and helping them improve will make the employee stay longer and invest more in their work.

Don’t Micromanage

No one likes being micromanaged – even by their partners or parents. When managers hover over employees and see what they’re doing, they get nervous and tend to do poorly compared to their usual performance. While this can be difficult for most managers as it comes in second nature for them (especially handling new hires), there’s actually a study that backs this up and avoid burnout and hatred from employees. It can be difficult, especially for managers who experienced the bad quality of work, but employees should be trusted.

Autonomy is a modern concept, especially in an established company but it’s guaranteed to work. Through this, employees will take ownership of how they accomplish tasks and how they manage their time effectively. When there’s no tight control over how they work and how they get things done, they will be able to show what kind of work ethic they have and what talents they show.

After all, everyone is different – how you improve your productivity can be different for other people and it will boost their confidence too.

Focus on The Future

Do you hear yourself repeating the same kind of lecture about the mistakes done in the past? Especially in front of that same employee who made it? This kind of practice will not only hinder the productivity flow, but it also damages trust in the company and there will be no loyalty in the office.

Treat your company like your romantic partner – forgive and learn from the past and focus on the future. There should be proper communication between you and your employees if you want to improve productivity and quality of work. Clearly express the concerns you have and plan the future with your employees.

This also means that you have to introduce effective and positive plans and outlook to achieve these goals. This will inspire your employees to work towards that kind of future and increase workplace productivity to make a move towards that goal.

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Help Employees Manage their Stress

A lot of employees experience burn out and other mental or emotional issues when going to work, especially in a toxic workplace. While these employees show up, they produce less and likely poor quality work during their shift and that can hinder your goal to increase workplace productivity.

Your employees are human too – they can get tired, drained, anxious, sad, and a lot more than might be connected to office stress. While you can’t do much, there are some things you can do to manage office stress. Always emphasize that you care for their mental well-being – it’s usually the cause of poor productivity and poor quality of work.

You can do your part by listening to employees – dedicate a time wherein you can talk with them in a calm setting (preferably outside the office) to understand their concerns and problems. There are probably bad problems that plague them that they’re bottling in, and maybe you can help them to open up and seek help.

Always provide healthy and constructive feedback. Don’t humiliate someone when they do something poorly, instead, talk to them in private and let them know what they can do to improve productivity and quality. No one improves from being humiliated in front of their peers – they might even choose to leave the company and look a better one.

Instill to managers the importance of work and life balance – this will ensure that the employees have enough time to destress and get ready for more difficult tasks the next day. If possible, discourage them to bring their work home unless needed.

Don’t Restrict Your Employees

While you think you’re helping employees increase workplace productivity by banning social media and other entertainment sites (except ones inappropriate at work), it’s actually worse. When you expect your employees to work nonstop during the day, they will easily get burnt out and will produce less. These sites are a mental break for them and can be a way to destress even if it’s just a short while.


Your employees are the core of your business, and if you want to increase workplace productivity, keep in mind their needs and priorities to help them develop as a person. It will also ensure loyalty from them and will likely improve productivity without being told.

The best way to ensure a healthy increase in productivity is to treat your employees as family and care for them as your own, and they will give that back to you in time.

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