How to Scan Documents with Google Drive

A person using his phone to scan documents with Google Drive.

The world has gone digital, but scanners are solid proof that hard copies of documents still play a vital role in multiple industries.

Using a traditional scanner involves a series of steps that consume more time and effort than it should take. Luckily, there’s a more convenient way to go about this process, so we’re here to walk you through the steps on how you can scan documents with Google Drive

Just like a loop, hard copies need to be turned into soft copies and vice versa. Whether it’s in the form of letters, contracts, magazines, brochures, or application forms, paper has yet to fold entirely. Ironically, many of these hard copy files still need to be uploaded onto a digital storage and synchronization platform for fast and uncomplicated sharing or distribution.

Google Drive is the solution you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at how you can easily scan and share documents in 5 steps! 

Scan Documents With Google Drive in 5 Easy Steps 

Unlike locally stored files, documents on Google Drive are easy to share and are accessible from literally any place where you can get an internet connection. These quick and simple steps will be your sidekick in saving time and effort, so you can channel your energy into the things that truly matter. 

Step 1: Use a Network-Connected Scanner 

In order to enable the scan-to-Google Drive function, you’ll need a network-connected scanner or a multifunction printer/scanner that is compatible with Google Drive. 

Step 2: Select the Google Drive App on Your Scanner

When selecting a scanning destination, you’ll typically see a computer, email, or SD card included in your options. Instead, look for Google Drive in the “apps” option on your scanner. Once you locate it, click “open” and begin the connection process. 

Important note: You may need to register your device with the manufacturer’s web services in order to continue. 

A woman scanning a paper document

Step 3: Connect to a Google Account 

Open your browser and go to the address specified on your scanner. Next, specify the Google account to receive your scans using your Gmail or GSuite address.

If you need this functionality in an organizational setting, you might want to create an account specifically for the device. Additionally, it would be helpful to share the destination folder with people who will also need access to scan documents with Google Drive.

Consequently, enter the code displayed on your scanner into the browser and log into your Google account. This ensures that you have control over both the Google account and scanning device.  

Step 4: Configure Scanning Options 

Once you’ve successfully connected your device to your Google Drive account, you will most likely be presented with a selection of scanning options similar to the following: 

  • Colour or greyscale
  • Resolution
  • File format 
  • Input

Get the best results by choosing to scan in colour at the highest available resolution. This is ideal for files that you intend to keep for long-term storage and reference. Higher quality scans typically consume more storage space and require longer uploading time, but Google Drive storage is expandable at very affordable rates. Investing a little more time and money renders scanned material that is crisp and crystal clear. 

The file format will vary depending on the type of items that you scan. If you’re scanning documents, choose PDF as the default format for scanned files. If you’ll be scanning photos, you’ll get great results from selecting JPG, PNG, or TIFF.

Step 5: Fortify Security With a Code 

An essential part of this setup is to activate a code or PIN to protect your account, especially if you work in an office setting. Since there are prying eyes littered all over the internet, cybersecurity is a vital component of any workplace.

Once you configure this security measure, you’ll be required to enter the code every time you access your account to scan documents with Google Drive.

This feature shields your account in two ways; it prevents unauthorized files from being scanned to your Google Drive account and restricts unwarranted access to your digital documents. 

Without a protective code, anyone could just access your scanner or account to browse files on Google Drive.

Bonus: Scan Documents With Google Drive via Smartphone 

Scan documents on the go with the help of your handy smartphone. The Google Drive Android app supports multi-page document scanning. You can even download third-party applications to convert hard copies into digital files efficiently and conveniently no matter where you are. 

A person scanning documents in an office using their phone

Optimal Digital Document Management With Busys 

Many of us want to scan documents with Google Drive because it’s just so much easier than having to struggle with numerous files stuffed into dull and towering file cabinets. 

Kick it up a notch by recruiting the digital document management services offered at Busys. Our software solutions push past the chaos to provide you with clutter-free document storage that is easily manageable.   

Are you interested in taking your business to the next level? Then get ready to go digital with Busys! Give us a call to learn more about our comprehensive software solutions.

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