How to Reduce Printing Costs in the Office

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Corporate businesses rank first in high-volume printing due to their extensive print needs. Whether it’s producing marketing materials, reports, invoices, or any of the myriad documents essential to a smoothly running enterprise, the corporate world relies on printed material more than one might imagine.

However, with great printing power comes great expense.

High print costs inhibit your company from saving as much money as it can. Instead of adding to resource funds, you end up spending thousands of dollars on office printers, maintenance, and supplies. Here are some helpful tips on how to make high-volume printing affordable for corporate businesses.

Break Down Printing Costs to Start Your “Reduce Printing Campaign”

If you want to learn how to reduce printing costs, it’s best if we start by establishing a baseline. Let’s list down the different elements of printing and how they contribute to your office expenses:

  • Supplies printer ink, toner, and paper
  • Equipment – the devices you purchase and consistently upgrade over time.
  • Service – the maintenance fees involved in keeping your printing devices in shape.

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Printing Supplies

Printing supplies are the easiest to break down if you know the costs of cartridges and how many pages they yield. Here is a simple formula for calculating printing costs:

Ink or Toner Cartridge Cost / Page Yield = Cost-Per-Print

The cost-per-print gives you an idea of how much you spend every time you print documents. It varies depending on the brand and types you use; usually, coloured cartridges are more costly since they require more production materials than black and white cartridges.

Aside from ink, don’t forget to add the cost of paper. Since corporate businesses have various printing needs, the print medium varies and can range from ordinary paper to tarpaulin. Gather the information on all their prices, then make individual computations with the cost-per-print to see the price of each document type.


Next, identify the base price of a high-volume printer. If it’s on a lease, get the initial purchase price, lease payment, or cost-per-page value stated on the contract.


Another thing you must include in your list of printing costs is the maintenance fees of your high-volume printers. This service is vital to keeping your printer in tip-top shape.

How Do I Lower My Office Printing Cost?

After collecting the data mentioned above, you should know how much high-volume printing is costing your business. If the value is beyond your projected calculation and budget, it’s time to learn how to reduce print costs.

But hold on, is it possible to lower print costs despite using high-volume printers? Yes, of course! We’ve compiled feasible solutions for you:

    1. Only Print What’s Necessary

Given the technology available today, not all documents and reports need to be printed. It’s much easier and quicker to send emails containing file attachments to many recipients. Make it a point to remind everyone to only print what’s really necessary.

Usually, marketing materials make up the bulk of corporate printing due to the endless amounts of flyers, brochures, and leaflets. These are all great for increasing exposure, and printing them in smaller batches could help you save a lot in the long run. Instead of producing thousands of hard copies all at once—which might just leave you with stacks of undistributed materials—be sure to make more strategic printing decisions based on your company’s current needs.

    2. Only Use Coloured Ink and Toner When Needed

Coloured printing is more expensive than black-and-white printing because the former requires more ink and leaves less white space.

With that said, it’s best to print documents, reports, and other files for communications in black and white. Save all coloured ink for vital presentations and other files with pictures and graphics.

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    3. Consider Investing in Managed Print Services

Managed print services (MPS) is a cost-effective solution for high-volume printing in corporate businesses. By outsourcing a provider, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce unnecessary print costs;
  • Lower your carbon footprint;
  • Improve productivity levels in the office; and
  • Enhance workplace efficiency.

    4. Use a Print Security Audit Service

Stay on top of the number of documents printed with print security audit services. This managed print service analyzes your company’s printing processes and suggests methods for cost reductions. It tracks how many files come from high-volume printers and notes how much paper was used. With this information, it’ll be easier to identify solutions on how to reduce printing costs!

On top of that, a print security audit protects all your corporate printing equipment from digital attacks. Adding this type of protection will prolong the lifespan of printers and secure sensitive company information.

Reduce Printing Costs With

Corporations must balance efficiency and affordability to achieve company goals and be successful in their respective industries. At, we know where you’re coming from! Our team is ready to help you reduce printing costs with our reliable services.

From managed print services to print security audits, we’ve got you covered with the most advanced solutions. If you’re looking for top-quality, high-volume printers to support bulk printing in your office and improve workplace efficiency, you’ll find the best devices for your needs in our vast collection.

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