How to Increase Office Efficiency With a Mailing Machine

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Upgrading your business’s work environment is a continuous process. There will always be new ways to reach an elevated level of being organized, productive, and efficient in the office. 

One of the many ways to attain this is by incorporating a mailing machine

But what is a mailing machine exactly, and what are its benefits? Keep reading to discover how it can contribute to streamlining your office processes. 

What Is a Mailing Machine? 

The job of this machine is to accurately calculate postage rates (based on the parcel’s weight) and then print the postage on the envelope or package label. This reduces the need for manual labour as well as the occurrence of spelling errors or illegible handwriting that could result in lost mail. 

More importantly, Canada Post recommends using a mailing machine over handwritten labels for more precise and quicker handling in their mail facilities. 

The term “mailing machine” is one of many you’ll encounter for this tool. Here are some of the other names it goes by: 

  • Mailer/mail meter;
  • Postage machine/postage meter;
  • Mailing system; and
  • Stamp machine.

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Mailing Machine?

Eliminate Unnecessary Trips

Having a mailing machine improves workplace efficiency by allowing you to cut down on unnecessary trips to the post office. Instead, you’re given a centralized location for all your outgoing mail.

Although it may not sound that crucial, when you look at the bigger picture, you can’t help but wonder how much time you’ve spent travelling to the post office and back.

Not only does it result in costly travel expenses (in case the post office is not nearby), but it’s also a time-consuming task. That valuable time could be spent on more important business matters when you start leveraging a mailing machine. 

Less Room for Human Error

Making a trip to the post office is just 50% of the effort. The other 50% is printing and stamping a ton of envelopes and packages that are waiting to be sent. If you have done this manually before, then you know how time-consuming and monotonous tasks can leave room for human error.

A mailing machine can contribute to a faster process by getting the job done within minutes, without the risk of mistakes.

Advertising Perks

This machine is not just characterized by its time efficiency, but also by its ability to provide you with some free advertising perks. 

The features that enable this machine to print out logos, product images, and other advertisement materials are a huge bonus for the business. This way, you’re displaying diligence as you elevate the branding experience of your company. This includes:

Branded Packaging

Envelope or package marketing is of great importance for building brand affinity because it promotes two key elements: increased readership and response.

Other Self-Promotion Materials

The ability to print out coloured images and logos is responsible for one other thing—helping your business make a breakthrough and build a name for itself.

This is especially important for small businesses and startups whose main goal is to promote themselves and their brand via mail. After all, this might be your first impression on a customer.

Some businesses even use this opportunity to share valuable news like discounts, new products, upcoming collaborations, campaigns, and other projects.

Increased Mailing Security

A huge concern of every business is, “What if my envelope/package gets damaged in the process?” If this happens by accident, or if the package fails to get from point A to point B, your business could be the one to take the blame.

Eliminate this risk by relying on a mailing machine. With self-adhesive tape, your package (whether it’s a larger envelope or box) will be well-sealed. As a plus, it’s a cleaner, more sophisticated, and more professional way to send out a package.

Additionally, you’ll never have to worry about your physical stamp inventories with a mailing machine—all of your postage dollars are secured in your lockable mailing system.


Find The Right Mailing System at Busys 

Having a mailing machine that “does the math for you” will help businesses cut down on costs while ensuring that mail is secure and that labels are precise. 

Deciding to incorporate a mailing machine into your office will significantly influence the financial health and productivity of your business. 

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