How to Dispose Of An Old Printer Safely

 An old printer

So you’ve just purchased a brand new multi-function printer. What are you supposed to do with the old one that has reached the end of its lifespan?

Right off the bat, businesses should know they can’t just throw their old printers out. Improperly disposing of an old printer can result in serious legal repercussions. 

Certain electronics and business machines must not be thrown in the trash. Manufacturers generally instruct users how to properly deal with a device that’s reached the end of its life.

If you are wondering how to dispose of an old printer properly, here’s what you can do.

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1. Recycle Your Printer

If you’re a business trying its best to be eco-friendly, the first thought upon purchase is usually to recycle your old printer once it stops working. This means heading down to your local recycling centre with your printer and asking for further instructions.

If you’re considering printer recycling, here are a couple of options:

As we already hinted, you can always return to your original manufacturer. Before taking your printer to them, you can call them to check whether they’re actively taking part in a “take-back program.”

2. Donate Your Printer

The next option for disposing of your old printer is to donate it. Converting to a paperless way of conducting business won’t happen overnight, and some organizations still struggle with affording basic electronics for their daily operations.

Do your research, and find the organizations in your community that need printers. Schools and community centres generally have a smaller budget and fit into this category.

You can also look for outreach teams that specialize in distributing electronics to developing countries.

3. Sell Your Printer

Although your printer has passed its golden age, there’s still a way for you to make money off it. That’s right—some businesses might decide that the best way to dispose of their old printer is to resell it. This could be a win-win situation if it’s still in good condition.

There are several selling opportunities available. For instance, you can take your printer directly to the repair or junk shop near you. They might be interested in buying old printers. If they can’t use them as a whole, the odds are that at least some parts of it are still of value.

You can also choose to advertise your old printer that’s in good condition online. You’d be surprised at how many individuals and businesses are actually interested in buying old but functional printers.

How Do You Prepare Your Old Printer For Removal?

Getting ready to dispose of your old printers is not a one-step process. Before taking it out the door and choosing one of the options we’ve mentioned, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Step 1: Remove the Ink Cartridges

Removing ink cartridges should be the first thing you do before you dispose of your old printer. Remove them carefully so as not to break or damage the cartridge blocks.

A person carefully removing ink cartridges from an old printer

Step 2: Reset Your Printer to Default Factory Settings

It’s important to reset it to factory default settings before donating or selling it. This allows the next user to adjust the settings according to their needs.

Step 3: Remove All SD Cards

Whether you decide to donate, recycle, or sell your old printer, don’t forget to remove all SD cards from your unit. This way, you’re keeping your information with you, accessible for future use, and most importantly, safe.

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