How Reliable Is a Refurbished Printer or Photocopier?

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Photocopiers and printers might be expensive, but they are an office staple. Any company, paperless or not, would find it hard to operate without them.

Depending on your needs, the price can be steep. They can run as high as $4,000, sometimes even higher. No wonder some companies consider buying a refurbished photocopier or printer instead of new ones!

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What Is a Refurbished Photocopier or Printer? 

Some people easily confuse “used” with “refurbished.” There are differences between the two, however.

Used printers are machines that were once new and have been used. They’re sold “as is,” and although the parts are all original (meaning, they’re still the same ones released by the manufacturer), there’s no telling how much wear and tear they have endured.

A refurbished printer or photocopier, on the other hand, has been restored to its former glory. Some old parts may have been replaced—in some cases, they may have undergone a complete internal overhaul—to make them run like new again.

Are Refurbished Photocopiers and Printers Reliable? 

There’s one major advantage of choosing refurbished photocopiers and printers: they cost a lot less than new ones. The question is, can they be relied on? 

A refurbished photocopier or printer that has undergone professional service can perform almost like a brand new machine. And since many of its parts are new, it can also last quite a long time.

You’d be a lot safer if the refurbished printer or photocopier comes with a quality repair guarantee and service warranty, but what it really boils down to is where you buy it. 

Buying refurbished printers or photocopiers from reliable sources makes all the difference—so make sure to purchase only from certified dealers. Otherwise, you might end up with a machine that doesn’t function properly, which could end up costing you even more than buying a new one.


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Top Tips When Buying Refurbished Printers and Copiers 

Before deciding to buy, noting the things below will help you gauge if a refurbished photocopier or printer can be counted on. 

Don’t Go Into It Blind 

Sure, refurbished photocopiers and printers cost a lot less than new ones. But again, you have to be careful where you buy or lease it from.

Make sure they have been inspected by a professional and that all the worn parts have been replaced. A reputable company should be able to tell you exactly which parts they are and which ones are covered by warranty.

Negotiate for an Extended Warranty

New printers and copiers come with comprehensive warranties that include repairs or replacement for when the machine breaks down. This can’t be expected from refurbished printers, but they still come with a warranty, albeit limited.

Although the warranty is for a shorter period of time, always try to negotiate for the dealer to offer an extended warranty, especially for the major parts. If not, try to arrange for a better price.

Make Sure There are No Hidden Costs 

Some refurbished printers are too cheap to be true. That’s because there are dealers who fail to mention other costs associated with the machine.

Make sure to ask your dealer to disclose all costs associated with the printer or copier, such as extra maintenance services needed for the machine to function properly, etc.

Look for the Word “Certified”

Certified refurbished printers may be a bit more expensive than their non-certified counterparts, but at least you’ll have the added confidence that the machine has undergone rigorous testing by qualified technicians.

A refurbished photocopier or printer that has been certified often comes with a money-back guarantee that will assure you that you’re buying a quality machine.

Confirm If There’s a Return Policy 

In connection with certified refurbished printers, check if your dealer offers returns. If a dealer won’t take returns on refurbished printers, that says a lot about their confidence in the quality of the machines. It might be best to steer clear of these red flags. 

Inspect the Counter or Odometer 

Just like the odometer of a car, business printers have an internal counter. This can tell you the number of pages it has printed and in some machines, the amount of toner it has used. 

You can use this information to gauge the life expectancy of the fuser, duty cycle, etc. Remember: an older printer that hasn’t been used frequently is “newer” than a younger machine that’s been used on a regular basis.

Check the Interior of the Printer

To prevent you from buying a bad refurbished printer, check its interior. Open the main doors and use a flashlight to inspect the internal components. 

If you see toner stains and dust buildup, it means the printer hasn’t been maintained well. Consider hiring a printer technician if you’re not comfortable inspecting it yourself.


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When in Doubt, Lease 

Should you buy a refurbished photocopier/printer or not? A new one is always the best choice, but if you’re operating on a tighter budget and need top-notch equipment, leasing is your next best option.

Busys is the leading provider of photocopiers, multifunction copiers, printers, and office software solutions. We offer flexible 24, 26, 48, and 60-month leasing options. 

You can cancel your service any time too—we’re not going to tie you up with long contracts! Our service agreement also comes with toner, warranty, service calls, parts, and even labour.

If you need more information, give us a call or visit our website today.

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