Factors to Consider When Scaling up a Print Infrastructure

An employee tests their company’s new print infrastructure

Print infrastructures play a vital role in uplifting businesses since most, if not all, firms heavily rely on printed documents. As an enterprise grows, so does the need for a bigger printing system to accommodate all demands. By expanding your infrastructure, you’re bolstering office productivity, print management, and security.

Seamless workflows are key to succeeding in business. Plus, employees who can work conveniently and uninterrupted by tech-related glitches persevere in delivering superb work quality. But what happens when this momentum suddenly hits a wall due to an outdated print infrastructure? Two words—office chaos!

Don’t let your company suffer because of inefficiency. Keep on reading to know more about scaling up a printing infrastructure.

What is Print infrastructure?

To further understand the need for boosting your printing infrastructure, let’s have a refresher on all the elements involved. This intricate system consists of hardware and software devices, including the following:

  • User devices – This includes desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • Printers – All printers, from multifunction models to in-house production printers, fall under this category.
  • Print drivers – Computers need this software to convert data files into a language a printer can understand before printing.
  • Network – Your office network, including WAN and LAN.
  • Print servers – This network connects printers and user devices. It accepts a print job and delegates it to various printers in the office.

Imagine this scenario: your growing company encounters bottlenecks due to a small and outdated print infrastructure. The congestion starts to pile up since your printing system struggles with every task. In turn, it ruins the efficiency of employees because they spend a lot of time dealing with printing issues.

Before that nightmare happens, it’s time to consider scaling up your printing infrastructure.

5 Elements to Assess for Scaling up a Printing Infrastructure

Achieving a modern print environment requires following a few steps to ensure everything goes smoothly; the last thing you want to happen is an upgraded disaster! With that said, below are five elements you need to evaluate for a successful printing system:

    1. Establish Your Company’s Print Needs and Goals

First, you must assess your current print needs; this involves reviewing problems and bottlenecks in the printing process, so you’ll have a clear picture of the situation. Here are a few tips to help you identify issues in your printing infrastructure:

  • Check user devices to see if they have an upgraded and working operating system;.
  • Check if the print drivers are working correctly;
  • Deliver a survey to each office department to determine employees’ issues with printing;
  • See if any of your printing devices are hacked; and
  • Observe the print servers and see their response times for printing.

Once you’ve collected all data, begin drafting a goal for your print infrastructure scaling project. It’s best to develop a well-rounded objective that answers all needs and problems concerning office print jobs.

    2. Round up and Examine Your Entire Print Environment

This step involves counting all existing office printers, copiers, and scanners. Take note of their locations, usage frequency, and operation fees to get an idea of their efficiency in the office. Checking their print quality, security, and compliance with a desired print output helps you find solutions to increasing cost savings.

Doing this yourself may pose challenges and occupy a lot of time, so working with a managed print services provider is a smart choice. These professionals have the tools necessary to deliver an accurate data round-up about the performance of your printing devices.

A company manager breaks down the office print costs

    3. Have a List of Expanding Options Ready

Now, it’s time to look for options to upgrade your print infrastructure. This step is more than buying new hardware and software; it requires ample assessment of the pros and cons of your additions.

Let’s tackle software first—do you plan on changing your on-premise print infrastructure to cloud printing management? Cloud print services, which involve the overall management of printing and printing systems themselves, are the current go-to software solutions because they heighten office productivity and promote better document security. At the same time, it also makes documents easily accessible anytime for those with permissions.

Now for the hardware—it’s time to upgrade from small printers to multifunction models. Accommodate your company’s growth by adding high-volume printing devices in your office. Newer printer models offer clear imaging, high-definition colours, and premium network connectivity.

    4. Plan For Implementation

A newly scaled print infrastructure, such as a cloud print infrastructure, doesn’t happen overnight because it requires adequate planning to ensure a successful implementation. That’s why you must have a foolproof blueprint detailing every step of this boosting process from start to finish.

Choosing an implementation date is the best way to begin your planning process, serving as a deadline to honour. From there, fill in the gaps to accommodate purchasing or leasing new printers and their installation periods. Don’t forget to dedicate some time to educating your employees about the new system. A boosted printing infrastructure is nothing if not used correctly!

 Several employees huddle together to plan their upgraded printing infrastructure

    5. Test Your New Print Environment

Testing your newly upgraded printers is also an important part of the process. This part is where you monitor its performance and detect early-onset technical issues. For accuracy, it’s best to let managed print service providers help you gather crucial data; they’ll track your office’s print management and show you which areas need enhancements.

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