Investing in Your WFH Setup: Essential Home Office Equipment

A fully-equipped home office setup

Working in an office setting has many perks. From being immersed in a professional environment that is adequately equipped with office essentials to giving you a space to interact face-to-face with colleagues. However, did you know that working from home (WFH) could be just as beneficial and productive as working in a traditional office?

A 2019 study found that 65% of professionals think they would be more productive if they were working remotely, of those, 49% said they go to their home office specifically to concentrate and get work done. Since WFH has become the norm for many businesses this past year, it’s integral to have an efficient home office setup.

Whether you work for a company or manage your own business, it is imperative to have all the necessary home office equipment at your disposal. In this blog we will discuss the pros to working from home and what types of tools you should be investing in for your home office.

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1. A Computer

A business can seldomly run without a computer. When purchasing a computer for work purposes, make sure to do proper research. This way, you can determine which models meet your specific needs. If you prefer to move around a lot during the day to work in different areas of your home or like working from the comfort of your favourite cafe, you might consider getting a laptop. Investing in a separate monitor in addition to a laptop is even better.

2. An Adjustable Desk

Whether you prefer moving around your house while you work or like sitting in a designated office at home, it is important to invest in a good desk as part of your home office equipment. Sitting at your desk all day can be detrimental to your health in many ways. People tend to slouch or bend their necks at unhealthy angles when seated in one place for a prolonged period of time. However, if you have a desk that is designed to adjust to various heights, you can switch to different sitting positions or even work standing up. Adjustable desks have become quite popular lately to accommodate a more ergonomic way of working. 

3. A Comfortable Chair

Now that you’ve got yourself a great desk, you need a suitable chair to pair it with. Never underestimate the importance of a good chair; sitting in one with poor back support can impact your health in several negative ways. These include muscle fatigue, cramping, impeded blood circulation, stiffness, numbness, backaches, and joint pain. All these factors combined will eventually lead to a lack of focus and reduced productivity.

4. High Speed Internet Access

This one is key to the success of anyone working anywhere. Especially if you’re in a virtual meeting with a new client, updating time-sensitive information, or downloading important documents and files. Don’t let a slow or choppy internet connection hinder your efficiency.

5. High Quality Communication Systems

Streamline your tasks and workflow by recruiting the help of high quality software for communications. Communication is key, especially when you’re working from home. Whether you prefer using virtual tools such as Zoom or Google Meet or via your mobile device, it’s always best to create separate lines or accounts that are specifically for business calls only. 

6. A Multifunctional Printer

A multifunctional printer, also referred to as MFPs, are designed with the functions of a printer, scanner, copier, and a fax machine. There are many different designs of a multifunctional printer, and which one you choose will depend on the type of industry you work in. Even if your company is mostly paperless, there will always be instances wherein you might need to scan, fax, or copy documents. Therefore, investing in a multifunctional printer at home is a must

7. Surge Protectors

Your home office is decked with all sorts of electronic gadgets and equipment, that’s why it’s important to shield them from damage with a surge protector. Surge protectors are appliances specifically designed to fortify electrical devices from voltage spikes by limiting the voltage supply or blocking those that go above a safe threshold. If you have one of these, you won’t have to worry too much about electrical surges overloading circuit boards. 

A desk with a planner, laptop and headphones

8. Backup Drives

In this day and age, backing up your devices has become almost a mandatory step for anyone storing important work-related documents or personal files. From system malfunctions all the way to data breaches, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your files. Once you have set up your home office, the next step is to guarantee the safety of your files. In order to do this, you can utilize cloud-based backup applications for easy access wherever you are. You can even share necessary documents with your colleagues through this method. Aside from using cloud storage, it’s also highly recommended to have an external drive to store important files and routine hardware backups. Doing this can really save your work in the event of any system failures. 

9. Uninterruptible Power Supply

Data breaches and system errors aren’t the only culprits when it comes to losing important files. Power outages are also to blame. While it may not happen very often, you never know when the electricity may falter. Be prepared to face this with an uninterruptible power supply, also commonly known as UPS. This tool serves as a backup power supply that provides some time for you to save your work and shut down your computer safely. 

10. Physical Calendars and Planners

We may be living in the modern digital era, where we can do nearly everything on our phones and computers, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t benefit from using printed versions. Having a physical calendar or planner at your desk is a great way to jot down important notes and mark calendar dates for meetings or other events. Writing things down with pen and paper actually helps trigger your memory, meaning you will be more motivated to finish tasks on time. 

11. Organizational Tools

Have some fun with your home office equipment; decorating your space will make work seem less like a chore. A cluttered workspace is a cluttered mind. Give your notepads, pens, sticky notes, paper, staplers, and business cards a proper home with ergonomic wall shelves, drawers, and filing cabinets. When you have an organized environment, you’re bound to feel more at ease and motivated to tackle your workday. 

12. Exercise Equipment

Sitting in an office for extended periods of time can contribute to a number of health concerns. Working from home helps boost productivity, but it is important to remember that you should never overwork yourself. By having some exercise equipment around, you can encourage yourself to stand up and get your blood flowing.

Depending on how you like to work out, you could invest in a stationary bike or a treadmill, a set of weights, or a yoga mat to encourage you to stretch throughout the day. No matter how busy work gets, you should always find time to take care of your mental and physical well being. 

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