Does It Matter What Kind of Printer Ink You Use?

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Just as a high-grade multifunction printer is an investment for your business, premium-quality ink is an investment for your printer.  

 Finding the best printer is a breeze when you know where to purchase or lease the right one, but deciding on the right kind of printer ink isn’t always as easy as you think. Don’t jeopardize the longevity of your printer or quality of printouts just to save on printer ink cost because that’s only going to result in more expensive printer repair and potential client loss.

Fortunately, there are multiple types of inks that are compatible with most printers. There’s recycled ink, manufactured ink, generic inks, and refillable options. All of these printer inks work, but what you’re looking for is a printer ink that performs to an optimal level to render the best results for your specific equipment and needs. Some printer inks outperform others in terms of quality, longevity, and overall value. 

So, the big question is this: does it matter what kind of printer ink you use? Yes. Yes, it does. 

Read on to learn why!  

Printer ink cartridges in different colours  

Laser Printers vs. Inkjet Printers 

Laser printers and inkjet printers operate very differently from each other and therefore require different types of printer ink. Laser printers use powdered toner and inkjet printers use cartridges filled with tinted liquid ink and additives.


If your office uses laser or LED printers, it would be best to use a dry form of ink, which is called toner. Toner is composed of small pigment particles that undergo intense light charges. This process creates a spinning drum that attracts the toner particles to the paper. Consequently, the drum harnesses heat energy to fuse the toner onto the page. 

Toner pros:

  • More powerful and precise printer technology
  • Faster printing
  • Better picture quality
  • Lasts longer

Toner cons:

  • Expensive to replace
  • Laser printers themselves are more expensive than inkjet printers
  • Liquid Ink

Liquid Ink

Inkjet printers are the most commonly used type of printer and require liquid ink to operate. Liquid ink is specially designed to produce text and images by spraying microscopic droplets onto the paper. Inkjet printer ink usually comes in two forms: dye-based and pigment-based ink.

Liquid ink pros:

  • More cost-effective (smaller storage of ink)
  • Doesn’t smudge as easily as toner
  • More resilient
  • Easier to replace

Liquid ink cons:

  • Printer output isn’t nearly as high as a laser printer
  • Cartridges clog easier and can dry out if unused for a long period of time
  • Pigment-based inks are relatively more expensive

Generally, ink based printers enable you to print more vivid and evocative colours that are suitable for photos and graphics.  

Types of Printer Ink 

Remanufactured Ink

Remanufactured printer ink is an original name brand cartridge that has been professionally cleaned and then refilled with similar quality ink. The biggest perk of using remanufactured or recycled ink cartridges is the fact that they’re functional and cost a lot less than their original counterparts. You get good results for merely a fraction of the price. Additionally, opting to use remanufactured ink cartridges is one eco-friendly step you can take towards making your office and the planet a more sustainable environment. 

While remanufactured ink comes with a great deal of benefits in the realm of cost-effectiveness, using this type of printer ink may not score very high up on the quality meter. The truth is you can never really know how many times printer cartridges have been refilled and reused. This particular factor negatively affects the quality of the ink it produces. You could find yourself with a cartridge that is worn out, only partially refilled, or clogged. 

If the ink cartridge does not have any physical damage, you may end up with one that produces less than satisfactory image and text quality by means of smudges or blurred lines. In some instances, remanufactured ink could even damage your printer.  

Generic Ink

Generic printer inks are more affordable versions of manufacturer’s ink cartridges, which is perfect if you’re on the lookout for budget-friendly printer ink options. 

While they should perform on par with the original cartridges, many people notice minor discrepancies in the crispness of the results. Installing this type of ink in your printer could also cost you your device’s warranty. In case the printer is damaged due to a wrong move with ink cartridges, your machine’s warranty may be void. 

Manufacturer’s Printer Ink

Buying printer ink from the same manufacturer as your device means that you’ll be paying a premium for a brand new, never-been-used cartridge. If you get manufacturer’s printer ink from a reputable brand and supplier, your print jobs’ level of quality and printer’s safety are guaranteed. 

With regard to any issues that may arise—for example, if the ink has dried out or the nozzle gets clogged—the odds are, you can apply for a refund or replacement. Choosing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products also guarantees that the printer ink you’re paying for is correct and compatible with your printer, in turn, reducing the risks of potential damage or malfunctions

On the flip side, opting to use manufacturer’s printer ink also means that you’ll be dealing with a considerably higher price tag. Additionally, it isn’t the most environmentally conscious choice to make for the moment, as this would require you to toss out old cartridges that contribute to landfills. 

Nevertheless, using manufactured ink cartridges may help save the environment in a different way. If you think about it, you’ll be buying printer ink less often, reducing the risk of having to purchase a new printer in the near future due to cartridge-induced damage.  

Pink, blue, yellow, and black printer ink cartridges


What Kind Of Printer Ink Should You Use?: The Verdict 

In reality, there is no single, straightforward answer. It all comes down to weighing your company’s priorities. Go about your printer ink game plan by answering these key questions:

  • What kind of printing quality are you looking for?
  • How much are you willing to spend on printer ink?
  • How do you want to contribute to helping the environment? 

If you’re printing important material, such as contracts, application forms, photographs, catalogues, brochures, presentations, or pitches, your best bet would be to invest in cartridges that would give you optimal output—manufacturer’s ink. This will never fail you in terms of quality and in maintaining the state of your printer. 

When printing out drafts or test prints, you’re safe with using remanufactured or generic inks. This way, you save on expenses and reduce your single-use plastic consumption. As long as your printer doesn’t get damaged, your device’s warranty stays intact. 

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