Larry King and Frank Waszkun Talk Cloud Technology and the Changing Office Environment

SuperFrankieDisco and Larry King Discussing the Future Office Environment

Cloud technology, also simply known as the cloud, has revamped and redefined the ways we digitally store and share information, especially in office settings. Just like how actual clouds can carry millions of water droplets, the virtual cloud can hold countless of your digital files. As we become more accustomed to this revolutionary new technology, we come to realize that cloud technology eclipses the limitations of physical storage that we never even knew existed. After all, barriers only exist to be broken. 

Cloud technology is taking the world by storm and it’s changing the office environment as we know it. Keep reading to learn more about all it has to offer or else get left behind as some businesses hold onto more traditional information storage solutions. Hold onto your external drives, because the cloud is about to rain on their parade. 

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Cloudy with a Chance of Change

Paving a path to cutting-edge virtual storage, the cloud has become the talk of the town. Its popularity has propelled so high that it even caught the attention of legendary talk show host, Larry King, who spoke to president, Frank Waszkun, about the capabilities of this technology.

Without being familiar with what the cloud means, it could be quite confusing when you first encounter the term. In an interview with the award-winning television and radio host, Frank Waszkun answered the question that most people ponder about; what is the cloud? 

“Well, the cloud is not like the cloud you see above us,” Frank Waszkkun shared. “It really is a repository for where we put digital files. We send photos there. People are at home and they’re sending things, and they are able to retrieve those things from what we’re calling the cloud, but really it’s from your phone, from your iPad, from your desktop, but there’s no centralized storage in the same way that it used to be.”

The thoughtful explanation gave viewers a crystal clear view of what this revolutionary new type of data center actually is. Being a technology expert with a sense of humour, Frank Waszkun added, “So, we’re calling it a cloud, but it doesn’t rain on us.”

Larry King offered his two cents by saying, “So, you’re saying that the typical office environment is really changing.” And he couldn’t be more right. 

Cloud Technology in the Office Environment

It may be a mere figure of speech, but fitting cloud technology into the shell of a nut is literally possible. That’s just how compact, yet infinite, this storage technology truly is.

The cloud is a digital storage space that lives on the internet. It is a haven for people to store virtual resources, such as applications, software, and files. It gives us the opportunity to share and store information across the internet no matter where we are located in the world. Due to this welcome change, we can now utilize storage on the internet without having to worry about restrictions brought about by physical location. 

Do you know those mundane filing cabinets at your office where everything is sometimes neatly (and other times chaotically) stored? You’d be lying if you said that you didn’t spend hours rummaging through them to find the correct files at least once. Thanks to cloud technology, document management in the office environment has changed forever. Now, we can file, share, store, and track important files with just a few clicks or taps on your computer or cell phone. This minimizes the need for external drives, discs, or large physical filing cabinets.

Popular examples of cloud storage include Integr8 Digital Document Management, Dropbox Business, Google Drive, and Apple iCloud.  

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Integrating Cloud Technology In Your Life

The cloud didn’t open the door to new technology. Rather, it created that door and kept it wide open to welcome the chain of infinite high-tech advancements to follow. 

When the world changes, people adapt. Don’t get left behind! Jump right onto the cloud technology train with the reliable document management services brought to you by

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