Centralized or Decentralized: Which Print Management Type is Best for You?

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If you’re trying to boost office productivity, don’t underestimate the power of efficient print management.

When the management of print services isn’t done the right way, it can lead to bottlenecks, higher levels of stress, and lowered office morale.

We’re here to help stop such nightmares by directing you to the right solution tailored to your company’s needs. For print management, you have two choices: centralized and decentralized print management. Let’s learn more about them below.

What Is Centralized Printing?

When you say “centralized,” it means one print server manages several devices from one location. Centralized print management works by gathering all the print jobs from employees and distributing them to the nearest printer in its network.

Businesses such as Integr8 have innovated centralized print management software, offering companies peace of mind when it comes to print tasks.

What Is Decentralized Printing?

On the other hand, decentralized print management is the opposite of its centralized counterpart. It relies on several print hubs present in multiple locations of an office instead of just a single printer manager.

Centralized and decentralized printing have stark differences, and both offer their own set of pros and cons. Keep reading to see which form of print management best suits your needs.

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The Advantages of Centralized Printing

Let’s dive into centralized printing advantages and how having this type of print server benefits your company:

    1. Lower Costs on Materials

Centralizing all printers using management print services (MPS) lowers ink, toner, and paper expenses. MPS providers track your printing activities and the amount of materials you use. By collecting such data, your provider can offer solutions matched to your printing requirements. One of them is recommending periodical bulk purchases of resources to save costs!

    2. Lesser Printer Breakdowns

Does your company frequently experience printer breakdowns? Switching to centralized print management eliminates this problem! Your MPS provider will always be there to save the day by maintaining your printers and keeping them updated. They remotely monitor your printers, allowing them to solve problems quickly.

    3. Increased Office Efficiency

Printer breakdowns are often the culprit for destroying work productivity and efficiency. Paper jams, low printer ink, and lagging print queues shatter the momentum of your employees. These issues hinder them from accomplishing essential tasks, affecting your company’s performance.

But with centralized printing, you no longer have to worry about printing issues! As mentioned earlier, MPS providers proactively maintain your printers and network to ensure smooth processing. Choosing these print management services will positively impact your office’s efficiency and enhance employee productivity.

    4. Document Tracking and Security

Centralized print management allows you to track all documents by checking the printer network. This hub shows all queued print jobs and lets you organize the documents based on priority.

At the same time, centralized printing provides an omniscient view for added security. It’ll be easier to monitor, manage, and track what sensitive office data goes out of printers. The management of print services becomes much safer because no document goes unchecked.

 A woman calls an IT personnel to fix her decentralized printer’s issue

Centralized Print Management Disadvantages

Technology isn’t perfect, and centralized print management is no exception.

The disadvantage of the management of print services through one server is that it could be prone to bottlenecks. You only have a singular print server managing all documents and print jobs, making it susceptible to reaching a breaking point. When a breakdown occurs, the print server suspends all printing and leaves everyone waiting.

However, MPS providers are familiar with this major issue and are equipped with a variety of solutions. That’s why their services include responsive technical support if a breakdown happens—so you won’t have to worry about delayed prints for long!

Pros and Cons of Decentralized Print Management

Decentralized print management doesn’t fall behind either. By deploying more than one printer in the office, all devices are less prone to longer queues and frequent breakdowns. Employees also have faster access to the nearest printer in their department, aiding their efficiency.

However, using decentralized print management is not cost-effective for small to medium sized businesses. Purchasing multiple printers is more expensive than working with an MPS provider.

Opt for Centralized Print Management Today

Improve your operations by equipping your office with managed print services from a reliable provider. In collaboration with Integr8, we offer centralized print management to enhance your workflow and help you reach your targets on time!

Here at Busys, we have the best multifunction printers from renowned brands to assist you in the office. Contact us today to speak to one of our representatives!

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