What Printer Is the Best for a Small Business?

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What technologies or features should you look for in a printer? Would a multifunction printer be more useful than a single-function printer for your small business? There are so many options to choose from, which is exciting but also confusing.

Luckily, we here to help you out. In this article, we’ll discuss several key factors that you should consider when looking for a printer to cater to the everyday printing needs of small business and the reasons why it’s a practical decision to try out business printer rental services.

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Top Things to Consider

There are different types of printers available for purchase in the market or for lease from reputable business printer rental companies.

While it can be easy to get swayed by impressive specs and features and automatically pick out the latest releases, we believe the best approach would be outlining the specific printing needs of your office and your expectations as to how a printer would boost the productivity of your employees and overall as a small business. This way, you will have a clearer vision of what to look for in a printer in terms of brand, specs, features, and maintenance.

Let’s start with these guide questions.


  • How much printing does your office do?
    Businesses with a high volume of printing requirements would benefit from a fast-churning laser model with a remarkable printing speed and that is known for efficiency.



  • What types of documents do you print regularly?
    Are you a law firm printing out black and white documents or a real estate or marketing agency that prints out coloured brochures and photos for clients and presentations? The type of document you produce is also a deciding factor because this will tell you how much resolution or dots per inch (dpi) you should look for. As a rule of thumb, 600 dpi is perfect for basic printing but if you are after crisp coloured images, look for 1200 dpi or higher.


Read this article for tips on the best business printer rental for colour printing.


  • How much space can you allot for a printer?
    If you neglect to include this in your list, it’s possible to be overwhelmed when a big and bulky printer gets delivered to your doorstep. The good news though is that there are now many business printer rental units that come in compact designs.



  • Do you need an Internet-ready printer?
    Many office printers now come with their own Wi-Fi capability aside from the option to connect to your office’s wireless network. These types of printers enable a seamless and agile work environment that can increase efficiency and productivity as well. However, that verdict on whether this will be a useful feature depends on the nature of your business and its employees.


Single-Function Versus Multifunction Printers

A lot of small businesses immediately see the value in having a multifunction printer in their offices. Aside from a high-quality printer, you also get a scanner, photocopier, and fax machine by investing in a single device.

Despite the steep initial cost to procure a multifunction printer, the long-term benefits financially are worth it. You will only have to pay for the maintenance of one unit and cut back on energy cost because you are only plugging in a single machine instead of 3 or 4 separate ones. If you’re a small business with limited floor space, getting a multifunction printer is also an excellent space-saving strategy without the messy network cords as well.

However, there’s a flip side to a multifunction printer, too. Because of its multitasking capability, it is not impossible to encounter a queue every so often of people who want to print, fax, scan, or make multiple copies of urgent documents all at the same time. Furthermore, when a multifunction printer breaks down, your productivity could be hampered because that’s already 4 processes that are not available to you. In this scenario, you would think that perhaps procuring a single-function printer would have been a wiser decision.

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The Benefits of a Business Printer Rental

This is where a business printer rental comes in handy. Without being saddled for a long time with the consequences of a big-ticket purchase, you can give every type of printer a test drive by leasing them for a period of time to see which one would best fit the printing demand of your small business.

At Busys.ca, we have an extensive collection of business printer rental models that are available for you to try. We have single-function and multifunction printers, laser printers and inkjet printers. The options are endless!

We have been a leading business printer rental provider in Canada and the United States for over 35 years. Our client-focused initiatives, high-quality and well-maintained equipment, and exceptional customer service have given us an untarnished reputation and a portfolio of satisfied clients from different business niches, including real estate, finance, law firms, education, and car dealerships.

For more information about our business printer rental services, contact Busys.ca today.

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