Beneficial Enterprise-Level Printing Features

Beneficial Enterprise-Level Printing Features

When it comes to finding the perfect rental printer in Toronto for your business, there is a lot to take into consideration. You want to make sure that your new printer has all the features that you will need. To help you out, we’ve narrowed it down to what we consider to be the top 5 most beneficial printing features for enterprise-level businesses.

Fast Print Speeds

When you are choosing your rental printer in Toronto, print speed is probably the first thing you look at. There are a lot of moving parts in an enterprise-level business and you want to make sure that your office printer can keep up. You can oftentimes find this information listed on a printer’s spec sheet under PPM (pages per minute).

Printing in colour will most definitely slow down your printer’s PPM versus printing in back and white. That is why it’s important to take into consideration what kind of printing that is output by your business most often. A high-end, enterprise-level rental printer in Toronto can print up to 100 pages per minute, with colour PPM will drop by roughly half. Keep in mind that you can print images using various shades of grey instead of colour if that is not as important to your printing needs.

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High Paper Capacity

You’ll want to take paper capacity into consideration as well. What this means is how much paper your office printer will be able to hold in the tray. This also includes the sizes of paper that you will be able to print on with that specific printer.

For an enterprise-level business, you will want to make sure that your office printer holds at least 250 sheets of paper. However, this is the minimum. There are higher-end models that can offer a much larger capacity. These rental printers in Toronto can accommodate anywhere between 500 to 1000 pages, with some models holding even more!

If you believe that your business is going to be printing large outputs of paper in multiple different sizes, you may want to consider a printer that features more than one paper trays. This way you won’t have to refill the trays more than once or twice a week.

All-In-One Functionality

Another key feature you should consider including on your checklist when looking for an enterprise-level rental printer in Toronto is its multifunctionality. An “all-in-one” office printer has numerous benefits, including convenience, cost savings, space savings, and even environmental impact.

The convenience that a multifunctional rental printer and copier provides is undeniable. You will have all the capabilities you need without having to spend money on more than one machine. Print, make copies, send faxes, create digital documents and more all in one easy to access machine. This will also save you much-needed space in your office that can be taken up by bulky, outdated office technology otherwise.

Additionally, not only will possessing a printer that performs multiple functions save you money on machinery costs, but it will also benefit you with power savings. Multifunctional printers generally only require one power source, cutting down on your energy consumption as you don’t have to power more than one device. Reduce your impact on the environment at the office while saving yourself money at the same time!

Good Security

Any business, no matter what size, will have to deal with both sensitive internal and client information. When most of our business operations are now completed digitally, you want to make sure every part of your process flow is secure, and your office printer is no different.

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Too often are printers overlooked when companies are implementing security measures. You may not realize it, but your printer can actually be a legitimate point of attack. They utilize sophisticated computer technologies to operate at their high-efficiency levels, despite what their outer appearance might suggest. You may think that your older printer model is immune from this kind of security breach, but you would be mistaken. From physical document theft/snooping to a network hack, there are a lot of vulnerabilities when it comes to your office printer.

That’s why you want to make sure you are protected with top-of-the-line security measures. Our rental printers in Toronto offer leading security technology, guarding sensitive information through password protection and customizable privacy settings. Additionally, you can determine who has access to which printers through a variety of authentication methods, safeguarding internal information and documents as well.

Remote Device Management

The final enterprise-level printer feature we recommend you take into consideration when on the hunt for a Toronto rental printer is the ability to manage the device remotely. This capability will allow you to monitor the status of your office printer with up-to-the-minute insights and reports. That way, if anything were to go wrong, you can run a diagnostics test remotely to identify the cause. This ensures that any maintenance or repairs you require can be done quickly.

Forgot to turn it off before leaving the office? No problem! Turn it off remotely.

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