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Copierman was created when a lightning bolt struck a building while he was changing the toner in a copier. The surge of power and exploding toner entered Copiermans body and changed his appearance and gave him superpowers! Just like a copier, he also became digital and can move through networks and can appear beside the output tray of any copier world wide. This gives him the speed and response time that rivals the lightning that was part of his creation. There are two sides to Copierman just like the duplex prints and copies from the copiers he loves so much. From that day forward, Copierman had the power to reduce and enlarge things by simply laying his hands on them. Copiermans mind expanded to enable him to solve any jams people get into from big to small. The colour explosion gave Copierman his brightly coloured suit and colour changing cape. The Copierman CMYK Cloak allows him to change the colour of something when he covers it with the cape. Copierman can travel wirelessly once inside an office and reappear next to another copier on the network. Becoming digital through this life altering event has given Copierman the mission to create safe, economical and reliable printing and copying in offices world wide.

Copierman will be travelling the world on the look out to improve copiers and make the world a safer place one office at a time. It is a big challenge but the Copierman Ethos is “Problems are Opportunities”!