How Can I Control Print Volume?

Managed Print Services is the way to achieve optimal workflow. Print Management controls how much printing happens within an organization. Using the features of the copier, print drivers and software, Print Management reduces your overall costs by helping you monitor print activity and setting print rules.


“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Accounting is keeping track of the amount of paper an employee or department is yielding on the printing devices.

It works by distributing a swipe card or distinct ID code to each user. Paper usage is documented after every print, copy, and scan associated with the user. This information is categorized monochrome or colour usage. On a monthly basis, all user’s printing activities may be reviewed to note any printing misuse.

Accounting can lessen print volumes by approximately 10-30%.

Cost Recovery

Cost Recovery is much the same as Accounting, with the exception being that it monitors printing usage that may be charged back to your clients.

Frequently, in the Legal and Architectural fields, prints, copies, and scans may be charged back during the process of consulting. Cost Recovery simplifies your charge backs by assigning a cost to every print or scan completed. An automatic invoice is created for your client.

Colour Printing Restrictions

Misuse of colour printing is a leading cause of inflated print costs because of how expensive colour is in comparison to black and white print.

For example, if a black and white print costs $0.01 on average, then a colour print would cost an average of $0.08.

Often, employees may use colour to print a generic document because they are unaware of the cost difference or are unmotivated to change the print settings to black and white.

Using swipe cards or ID codes allows you to set some limitations for users. You may implement colour quotas or restrict the use of colour entirely.

Any colour printing restrictions will help you avoid costs.

If swipe cards or ID codes are inconvenient, you may set rules from the print driver to cut costs.

Follow-Me Printing is a more advanced software that increases productivity and keeps things running smoothly. For example, making sure large documents are printed from the most cost-efficient copiers.

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